Redwood City Schools’ Citizens Committee to be Appointed

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This week Redwood City School District trustees will appoint members of a community committee to make recommendations on the use of four closing school campuses and district headquarters on Bradford Street.

The board will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Taft School, 903 Tenth Ave.

The district will close the properties in June to help meet a budget shortfall caused by declining enrollment but keep them for rental income.

The four schools are Orion, 815 Allerton St. near downtown; Fair Oaks, 2950 Fair Oaks Ave.; Hawes, 909 Roosevelt Ave. at Hudson Street; and Adelante, 3150 Granger Way west of Alameda and Fernside. The board also voted to move district headquarters, 750 Bradford St. downtown, to a school site and to rent the headquarters. The timetable for that move is indefinite.

Trustees Alisa MacAvoy and Cecilia Marquez and Supt. John Baker reviewed 26 citizen applications and are recommending 11: Christina Umhofer, David E. Weekly, Alyson K Blume, Amy Newby, Gracie Centeno, Jessica Alba, Jenna Wachtel Pronovost, Victor M. Hernández, Chris Rasmussen, Rosario González, and Susie Peyton.

Also on Wednesday’s agenda are two items involving charter schools: a contract renewal hearing for Rocketship, currently housed on the Kennedy Middle School campus, and approval of renewing the contract with Kipp, currently split between  Hoover and Taft.

The district is in preliminary negotiations to move Rocketship to Orion and Kipp to Fair Oaks, which it would share with Connect, the district’s third charter school.


  1. Rocketship needs to move off Connecticut ASAP. It’s not safe.
    How can I be invited to the next meeting about the campus moves?

    • Hi, I live on Palm and Connecticut and am also frustrated with the impact of Rocketship on the neighborhood. I work non-standard hours, so much of my time off is during school hours and I often need to sleep during the day. The noise produced by Rocketship is ridiculous. Because their playground is so small, I think they do shifts for outdoor time and the result is non-stop noise from 8-3 and then from 3-6 with the after school programs where the kids seem to just play around unsupervised. I have kids myself and have nothing against children enjoying themselves, but the facilities at Kennedy were never meant for an elementary school. The non-stop nature of the noise, not to mention the chaotic dropoff in the morning is maddening. The last I heard from when I contacted the district was that Rocketship was in brief negotiations to move to another site in 2019, but turned down the offer, so they will be at Kennedy for the foreseeable future.

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