Barbara A. Valley

In Memory of Barbara A. Valley

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Barbara Valley, born on VJ Day, Sept. 2, 1945, passed away peacefully on Jan. 8, 2024. Barb was a cherished member of the Climate Magazine Advisory Board who gave her wit, charisma, and love for Redwood City to the publication.

Barb grew up in San Francisco and spent her life dedicated to her family, community, and public service. While the Bay Area was her home, Barb explored the world and delighted in sharing captivating stories of her travels.

In the 1970s, Barb pursued her dream of serving in law enforcement. After dedicated training and successfully passing the test, she applied for a position with the South San Francisco Police Department. Despite acing the interview, Barb discovered that policewomen were restricted to administrative roles, unable to patrol. Faced with this limitation, she made the difficult decision to walk away from her dream in a sign of her determination and commitment to her principles.

Barb considered her community as an extension of her own family, and Barb gave back generously. She devoted her time to reading to girls at Hillcrest, assisting individuals in their citizenship test preparations, and participating as a “disaster victim” in local CERT trainings.

Barb served as the Chair of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association for many years, leaving an indelible mark on the neighborhood she held dear, including the Library Board, Senior Affairs Committee, San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities, to which she was recently appointed. Her tireless efforts in these capacities reflected her dedication to improving the lives of those around her.

Barb was known as someone who was never afraid to speak her mind by all those who were fortunate to know her. Whether they agreed with her or not, they always respected her point of view, knowing that her passion came from a place of deep love for her community.

Barb leaves behind a legacy cherished by her two sons, a daughter-in-law, a beloved granddaughter, and a great-grandson. Family was at the center of her world, and her love for them knew no bounds.

Climate Magazine fondly remembers Barb and remains forever grateful for her innumerable contributions to the publication, which includes catching our typos! We will dearly miss her sense of humor, her positive outlook on life, and her dedication to informing the community.

A celebration of life will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 4 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Center located at 1455 Madison Ave.

Rest in peace, dear Barb.