Redwood City School District schools to discontinue serving cholocate milk and fruit juices to cut down on sugar

Two schools enter new year with new names

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An elementary school in Redwood City and another in Atherton will start the new school year with new names.

What was formerly known as Selby Lane Elementary School has taken on the new name of Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School. This name change comes after the merger of the Spanish Immersion program at the former Adelante Spanish Immersion School and the Spanish Immersion strand at Selby Lane Elementary School. The school resides at 170 Selby Lane in Atherton.

In Redwood City, the school formerly known as Gill Elementary School, has been renamed to Orion Alternative Elementary School. The name change was decided on after the move of Orion Alternative Elementary School from downtown Redwood City to the Mt. Carmel neighborhood. The facility is located at 555 Avenue del Ora along with the district’s Mandarin Immersion Program.

For more information, visit the RCSD website.