City Council moves forward with new parking restrictions

in Community/Infrastructure

As part of an ongoing effort to prevent vehicles from lingering and over sized commercial vehicles in Redwood City neighborhoods, the city council unanimously approved new parking restrictions on Monday.

The new rule bans vehicles 24 feet or greater in length and/or weighing more than 8,000 pounds from parking in residential areas unless they are providing services, i.e. moving vehicles.

The reason for the regulation is that oversize vehicles take up multiple spots and reduce visibility and thus compromise traffic safety. The municipal code was also refined to allow police to more easily enforce cars parking for longer than 72 hours at a time.

The previous rule required cars to be moved after 72 hours at least .2 miles from the original parking spot.

“That rule was difficult to enforce,” Aaron Aknin said, “because with digital speedometers of today, officers can no longer look through the windshield to check how far the car has moved.”

The new rule also requires all vehicles to be moved at least one vehicle length in a 72-hour period, which is easier to enforce, according to the city.

The new regulations will appear on the council’s Jan. 8 agenda for a second reading, and, if approved, would go in effect 30 days later.