Citizens awarded for beautifying Redwood City

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Gino Gasparini’s commitment to maintaining Redwood City’s beauty is so unwavering, he earned a local award that’s not handed out on an annual basis.

Gasparini is one of a number of local residents recently awarded for his part in helping beautify public spaces or private properties.

Gasparini, a Public Affairs Manager for Recology  San Mateo County, recently won the Lucie Muhlker Award from the city’s Pride and Beautification committee. The honor was created in memory of the late Lucie Muhlker of Redwood City, who before her death in 2003 helped neighbors on a daily basis take care of their lawns and surrounding areas.

Gino is a longtime public affairs managers for Recology who has been highly involved in the community.

Joined by his family on Dec. 4, Gasparini’s service was celebrated at council, with Vice Mayor Diane Howard reading aloud a letter written by Gino’s son that praised his father for always leading beautification committee clean ups on weekends. Dani Gasparini, Gino’s sister, also spoke, touting his constant dedication to the committee along with Alan Beales, Gino’s brother in law.

The Pride and Beautification committee awarded nine other Redwood City citizens and one non-profit the Mayor’s Beautification Awards. Categories included “Homeowners that have done the majority of the work themselves,” “Homeowners that had the majority of work done by professionals,” and “Nonprofit housing construction.”

Winners included Kathy and Bill Bassett, John M. Gonzales and Robin D. Guzzo, Jose Manuel Pena and Paul Del Castillo, Megan and Warren Schechter, Jeffrey Schabowski, and St. Francis Center of Redwood City for their work on the St. Leo’s Apartments.

The winners were all presented with plaques and thanked for their work to make Redwood City a more attractive place to live and work.

The Mayor’s Beautification Awards started in 1989, and is coordinated by the Pride and Beautification Committee. After a brief hiatus the committee restarted the program to recognize the hardwood of Redwood City citizens. For more information please visit

Video: Courtesy of Redwood City