Over 2,500 pounds of trash, 20 shopping carts pulled from Redwood Creek

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The Romancing the Creek volunteer cleanup event on Feb. 10 pulled more than 2,500 pounds of trash, mostly plastic, and close to 20 shopping carts from the creek, according to organizer Edward Stancil.

That’s quite a haul considering a group had come out to clean up the same area near the Peninsula Yacht Club just four months ago, Stancil told Redwood City’s council on Monday.

Over 150 volunteers who participated included local community members, along with a group of East Bay youth from Kaiser Permanente.

Stancil and other Docktown residents have for years organized clean up efforts that they say pull about 6,000 to 8,000 pounds of plastics annually. On one day, 38 shopping carts were pulled from creek areas, organizers say.

Redwood Creek is buried underground in downtown Redwood City, having been paved over in the 1920s. While out of sight, the creek picks up a lot of debris that runs off into the Bay. Volunteer events for the last 18 years have involved participation from local businesses, police, the city’s public works and others.

The above photo, taken from last year’s Romancing the Creek event, was posted in the event’s Facebook page.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of the story incorrectly stated the amount of trash collected during this event. The story has been adjusted to reflect the correct amount.


    PYC port capt.over 2500 pounds
    (2530#)…and shopping carts
    Of trash. 8th annual clean up
    6000lbs to 8000 lbs yearly
    4 times a years we do MAJOR
    we clean this creek …
    We are DOCKTOWN..
    HARMONY with nature

    650 771 1945 .EdwardStancil

    Please correct at least number of pounds

    • Edward, apologies. When you announced the results, we unfortunately misheard you your statement of “more than 2,500 pounds.” We have adjusted the story to add the correct figure.

      • The clean up of the creek has been an ongoing major project for the people who live in Docktown. I moved into Docktown in 1990 and spent part of every day pulling trash, shopping carts, motor blocks and other stuff used as anchors over the years, hoses, wires, paint cans; you name it out of the creek. It is only the people who live there who can get the stuff that is sunk in the mud because you can only see it at low tide. I developed a system of attaching a floating device to anything heavy that was partially submerged, then letting the water pull it out of the mud when the tide came in so that it could then be removed. I was very glad when they finally started the official clean up of the creek, but now that we are all being forced out of Docktown I wonder how they will handle the problem now.
        Sure hate to see it go back to where it was but it is already starting.

  2. Of course this rag mag leaves out that it’s Docktowners and PYC that do this event, and many others during the year. Of course other orgs do city and county wide cleanups on Earth Day etc. (which we also double up on). There was no need to note that here and now, and leave out PYC and Docktown. Also Redwood Creek is not underground until Veterans, it weaves through so much of the eastern part of 101 and goes under 101. Try it some time in a water taxi!!

  3. Creek MASTER …DAVID McCallum
    Heads up ..all the clean up effort
    For 18 years he has cleaned the
    THE BIG cleanup…meet at 9am
    And by 12 noon 2500 pounds
    Of Redwood city s trash…
    Is beening weighed …
    Soft spoken and a natural creek
    Master…he has found sponsors
    And citizens that CARE ABOUT
    Redwood Creek and want to
    See it returned to pristine condition…this his 8th year..
    Of Big cleanup s …but he is Allways
    Pickering trash…
    Invented…the saying Pluck and
    Cluck…. David has or is loosing
    His home as all other …
    :Docktowners: (Another invented
    Word ..by David McCallum..)
    And all 119 liveaboard s…
    Thanks Edward Stancil PYC port

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