Redwood City proposing to allow cannabis businesses

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For those who may not be aware of the laws pertaining to marijuana in Redwood City, and how they might change in the coming months, city officials recently published an educational blog.

Here are some highlights:

In January, purchasing recreational marijuana became legal in California for adults 21 and over.

Two months prior, the Redwood City council implemented a ban, not just on commercial cannabis cultivation in the city but also on manufacturing, testing, retail, and distribution, with the exception of deliveries of medicinal and adult use cannabis. Delivery providers currently must come from locations outside of Redwood City.

But that might soon change. In April, the Redwood City council is expected to discuss proposals to allow cannabis delivery centers in the city, as well as cannabis research and development businesses. Such businesses would need to obtain a business license, pay the business license tax to the city along with associated regulatory fees.

In their recommendations to council, city staff “will define allowed locations, inspection, enforcement, and other details that would allow for cannabis businesses to be located in Redwood City and to keep cannabis products on-site,” according to the city’s blog.

The blog also provides good information on personal use and growing at your house. While cannabis under state law can be purchased, used, carried and grown, it cannot be consumed — including smoked, eaten or vaped — in public places or on federal lands, and landlords can ban its use on their properties, according to the report.

Moreover, Redwood City’s council recently banned smoking in all new multi-family dwellings with two or more units. In January 2019, smoking in all multi-family dwellings with two or more units in Redwood City will be banned, city staff reported.

In terms of growing cannabis, per state law adults can plant, harvest, dry and process up to six cannabis plants. In Redwood City, there is a limit of six cannabis plants per household. Plants in Redwood City must be grown indoors, including in the residence or in a green house in the rear yard. Cannabis cannot be grown outdoors nor can it be grown for commercial use in the city.

For more information about the proposed regulations, visit here.


  1. Though I don’t think it should be criminalized, Public Health types have a hard time trusting people who sell incredibly profitable products you smoke. I very seriously doubt big hemp will be any better than big tobacco. They are already posting outlandish and almost certainly false health claims on billboards in low income neighborhoods.

    Plagiarized verbatim from the APHA statement: “If marijuana is legalized, federal, state, and local governments should develop, adopt, monitor, and evaluate strict regulatory mechanisms to control marijuana production, sales, and use while advancing the public health goals of preventing access by minors, protecting and informing consumers of legalized marijuana, and protecting third parties from unwanted consequences of legalized marijuana use. These mechanisms may include taxes, age limits, product labeling requirements, product quality testing, potency limits, labeling requirements, motor vehicle operation restrictions, and advertising restrictions.”

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