The Peelers to open summer-long Music on the Square

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Music on the Square is back!

Opening night on the Square (Courthouse Square, Redwood City – but you knew that) is Friday, June 1 – and there’s music every Friday night after that until the “end” of summer, Aug. 31.

Opening on Opening Night – The Peelers – means mash-ups and medleys of hit songs from the 70s to today.  Or if you want a more technical explanation, “unique non-stop DJ-like dance remixes of the latest hits with your favorite classics.”  And if you go, you can ask them where the name came from.

Here’s a taste of their music.

Coming later in June:  Metal Shop (just what it sounds like), an evening of “Yacht Rock” with Mustache Harbor (that one, you might just have to be there to figure it out), a twin tribute night to Chicago and Steely Dan, and June closes out with Cisco Kid, a tribute to WAR (the band).

Meantime, you can get started, and start the new month in Redwood City’s “Living Room” (even better than your living room because the music is live, the neighboring restaurants do all the cooking, and – if you see a couch, yes, you CAN put your feet up on it.  If you’re not busy dancing, that is.).

The metaphorical curtain (since it’s outdoors) rises at 6, and the music goes till 8.

You can find the entire summer schedule for Music on the Square here.