Seniors on the Square set for Courthouse Square on Friday

Seniors invited to Courthouse Square Friday

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A strong gathering of seniors are expected — and welcome — at Courthouse Square in Redwood City on Friday.

That’s when Seniors on the Square takes place from 10 am to noon.

In addition to enjoying the sun  — the weather is forecast for a pleasant 72 degrees on Friday — Seniors on the Square is an excellent chance to see what’s happening in Redwood City and around the county that’s interesting or useful to San Mateo County seniors.

That includes a look ahead at summer events downtown in Redwood City, activities sponsored by the City Parks & Recreation, information on what the San Mateo County Health System has to offer seniors and more – plus a generally festive atmosphere and of course (since the weather says summer, even if the calendar doesn’t yet), cool refreshments.

And don’t forget sunscreen (those Health Service people will probably ask you about that).