Bikini coffee shop not ready to bare all about Redwood City expansion

Bikini coffee shop not ready to bare all about Redwood City expansion

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With menu options such as “Panty Dropper,” “Booty Call” and “Hard On,” an apparent new business in Redwood City is definitely getting a rise out of some residents.

It appears Pink Pantherz Espresso is moving into the space formerly occupied by the old Caffino at 2797 El Camino Real.

We reached out to the company today for comment. When it comes to details, the owners were not prepared to bare it all. We received this stripped-down statement:

“Thank you for the interest in our company, we are currently finalizing everything and as soon as we are done will contact you with all the details.”

We first learned about the business from the Facebook forum, “Redwood City Residents Say: What?” where locals on Tuesday posted photos from outside the old Caffino where a Pink Pantherz Espresso sign has been erected on the storefront.

Established in 2014, Pink Pantherz Espresso has three locations — in Fremont, Modesto, and Fresno — and bills itself as “The Best Bikini Coffee Shop,” according to its website.

We offer up the very best in Espresso beverages, including lattes, mochas, and our famous pink panthers pleasures beverages,” the company said. “We also serve pastries and treats, made fresh for us each day by our local bakery, and invite you to come by and try our new iced Italian Sodas, a favorite out in these parts during those hot summer months or a hot cup of coffee served by an even hotter barista!”

While the business has received decent Yelp reviews, the possibility it will open in Redwood City received mixed reactions in the Facebook forum, with one commenter noting “there’s no way in hell I’d be ordering an ‘Irish Babe.'” A mom said she will “never be able to go through that drive thru with her kids,” but not everyone was critical.

“I guess I know where I’m getting my coffee now,” said one man, while a woman called out others for being prude.

“Ya’ll ever take them to a pool where women are in bathing suits?” she wrote. “I mean basically in underwear.”


  1. Is there any proof at all that this is a business the community actually wants?

    Most people in food service would not sign a lease w/o a pretty firm idea that the traffic is going to be there.

  2. HORRIBLE idea if you live on or use the road (Woodside?) for commuting. It’s kinda ironic in this age of “#me too” that women are actually on board with this. It’s not about being a “prude”, it’s about having some PRIDE in who you are, not what you look like (not that there is anything wrong with beauty, but when your showing your body while serving coffee…PLEASE!! Totally sexist!). However, women have often been half of their own problem when it comes to sexism, using the same argument men use to keep the ladies as naked as possible. But HEY!! If they’d include some hot guys wearing g-strings, and even out the eye candy it might not be quite so repulsive to some, however THAT’S not likely to happen (as men, in general, tend to know better than put themselves in that kind of “vulnerable” position. As a woman who spent 12yrs in the military, working to get men to stop looking at me and other woman as SOLDIERS and SAILORS, instead of a female to leer at, and make sexist remarks to, yeah, this is a bit of a serious step BACKWARD, IMO.

    • Absolutely… you are correct. Obviously these women as well as a the owner are ambivalent to degradation. I am sad to see the support for this misogynistic eyesore.

    • I agree Chris… sad that this owner and these women are oblivious to the degradation and misogynistic message this sends. Not to mention the classless eyesore that Redwood City hardly needs.

  3. Redwood City needs to grow up. I’m a woman if other woman want to work there, then let them!

    A job is a job. If they sign up for it, then obviously they are not worried about what is thought about them.

    Make your money girls!

  4. I absolutely agree with Chris. How do women March for their rights in the same year that this pops up in town? We had a huge gathering on the courthouse Square for the women’s march. And here we are condoning young women serving coffee in their underwear. Scantily clad for everyone to look at. The reviews alone tell you what they are actually selling in this establishment. It’s a very sad day for Redwood City that this would actually happen. I’m in utter disbelief. Why do we need this?

  5. This business will be located in the same area with Hanky Panky and another “sex” themed business. If the city hasn’t been outspoken about that, I don’t see what all the fuss is about all of a sudden.

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