Mystery surrounds Redwood City Kaiser patient’s missing wedding ring

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The family of a man dying from cancer at Redwood City Kaiser Hospital says his wedding ring went missing inside the hospital, according to a report from ABC7 Bay Area.

Bill Halvorsen, who earned a Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam, was later a firefighter and has been married to Penny Halvorsen for 47 years, “never took off his wedding ring,” the news station reported.

Family members were confused when they noticed the ring missing from his finger on Saturday morning, and his son Pete says it had to have been taken off. “There’s no way it had accidentally fallen off,” he told ABC7.

The family wonders if hospital staff removed the ring. A hospital spokesperson told ABC7 Bay Area that the ring has yet to be found after an extensive search of the rooms where he was treated and trash bins. The hospital staff even consulted the linen supplier and interviewed all staff members who worked with the patient.

The traditional gold band is inscribed on the inside with Bill and Penny and 12/11/1971, according to the news report.