4th annual Picnic en Blanc

4th Annual Picnic en Blanc set for Aug. 25

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Wear something white.  In fact, wear EVERYTHING white.

That’s the theme of “Picnic en Blanc” –a “nontraditional picnic in a nontraditional place.”

So “nontraditional” in fact, that the location is a secret until two days before the picnic – which is Saturday, August 25, from 5-9 pm.  (Don’t worry though, it won’t be across the Bay or down the coast.)

You bring the white – and the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation does the rest, including the picnic spread, the set-up (no, you won’t be sitting on the grass) and live music.  Of course, if you’re the DIY-type, you can bring your own food – but if you’d like to take it easy, you can order from the 2018 Picnic en Blanc menu (salads, sandwiches, cheese platters, meat platters, vegetable platters).  You can see the full menu here.


  • Did Redwood City invent this idea? Well, “Picnic en Blanc” is ours, but the inspiration comes from Paris and its “Dine en Blanc”. So sorta yes, sorta no.
  • I’m a guy with white shirts in my closet, but that’s it. Can I still go? Yes, but. “But” being, that you can substitute khaki for white.  (Or, maybe you should use the time between now and the 25th to do a little wardrobe upgrade!)
  • Nothing but white? You can, of course – but you are also invited to accessorize in color (hat, scarf, jewelry, socks).
  • Can I invite my friends who DON’T live in Redwood City? Yes, even out-of-towners are welcome (but they will have to come to Redwood City.)

If you still have questions, or you want to order food, or you want to see some pictures from last year’s Picnic en Blanc, the Parks & Arts Foundation has you covered here.