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Superfest Disability Film Festival coming to Courthouse Square

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Wednesday night, Aug. 29 — the “curtain” rises at 8 pm on a special night at the movies.  Not just because this is a movie night out under the stars on a summer’s night (on Courthouse Square), but because this night – is Superfest.

Superfest – the Disability Film Festival, featuring five quirky, sweet, funny and probably surprising portraits of people with disabilities:  like “Chief”, the story of a woman can’t afford a service animal, so she trains her own (that’s Chief), who is definitely not your average service dog — and “Interviewer”, about the quirky, pop culture-referencing, young man who does the interviewing for a top law firm, and who has Down syndrome.

All the movies will feature open captions and audio description.  And this is a BYOB event (Bring Your Own Blanket, also your own chair, if you want one.  And you are welcome to bring food, and something to drink.).

Need even more information?  You can find that here:  Superfest Disability Film Festival.