Max's Cafe of Redwood set to close Dec. 15

Max’s Cafe of Redwood set to close Dec. 15

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Max’s Cafe of Redwood City is set to close on Dec. 15.

The restaurant’s manager told Climate Online that the rent “almost doubled” for its current space at Sequoia Station.

This past summer, the Max’s Cafe at Stanford Shopping Center in Palto Alto also closed after three decades in operation — in part due to rising rents and the influx of new competing restaurants, according to Palo Alto Online. That location, at 711 Stanford Shopping Court, is now home to a Pacific Catch.

Max’s Restaurant is a family-owned eatery that offers deli sandwiches, salads and entree specialties, fresh-baked breads and desserts as well as catering. It continues to operate locations in Burlingame, San Francisco and Auburn. See the company’s website for more information.

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  1. So sad to see it go!!!! We loved this place because it was kid-friendly, so we could bring our grandkids, AND the food was great!

  2. So sad to hear yet another neighborhood favorite is being pushed out due to greed. However, if you are a local you would have to agree that the shopping center needs a big cleanup,with the crime, homelessness and loitering it’s a wonder a new business would want to rent especially paying these higher market prices.

  3. This is a problem with redwood city. Instead of having high techs go in large buildings, they take over ground floors and kick other businesses out. Rents are so high normal businesses can’t take the hit.

  4. Thanks, Max’s, for being one of the original restaurants to stake the claim that Redwood City could once again be a thriving, successful center of commerce. That you have become a victim of that very success is sad. We will visit Burlingame when longing for matzo ball soup or the best strawberry shortcake ever. Thanks again.

  5. Congrats to the foreigners and tech industry for ruining another American staple. In this case, a jewish deli. Sad. Totally Sad. No wonder all my friends have left the bay area and California for that matter.

  6. Sad sign of the times for sure but I am sure they will open a brand new Chinese style eatery there because we are in fact Chinafornia. They are coming here and playing quiet mousie types while they conspire to buy up the world and then they corner the markets with their supply and our demands. I am married to a Chinese person so I get all the inside scoops and see her family buying up houses and shopping centers while we live in our modest 3/2 with two kids and a dog. We loved Max’s and hope they find a new place home here in our city, I miss the old camping supply store too, though they are across town the greed of the owner selling to developers.

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  8. Can I post something hopeful. I think there is something else going on here. I thought it was just me, but is not–a huge amount of people are starting aversion to meat–and delis–especially Maxs are known for their meats—sliced—different sandwich spreads–etc–in addition food costs going up on wholesale level means retailers need to jack prices way up compared to more vegetarian restaurants such as asian ones. I used to love and buy their-tuna and chicken salad and bring home.
    It is not just health–people are actually getting grossed.

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