10-bed acute stabilization unit opens in Redwood City jail

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San Mateo County officials recently opened a 10-bed Acute Stabilization Unit in the Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City that serves inmates suffering from severe mental health issues.

Launched by the county’s Correctional Health Services and operated by Liberty Healthcare Corp., the unit began receiving its first patients in December. Male and female inmates who are acutely disabled by their mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorders receive treatment in the unit.

Staff from Liberty Healthcare and the county coordinate daily to care for these inmates. The goal is to “return them safely to regular inmate housing within 14 days,” according to San Mateo County Health.

Recently, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office shared information on social media, along with a brief video from inside the unit. To view that video, click here.

The Sheriff’s Office called the unit a more effective way to assist inmates suffering from mental health issues. Sheriff Carlos Bolanos said the new unit is “truly changing the lives of some of our most vulnerable population.”

“The end result will be, hopefully they will continue to improve and be able to return to society and be productive and not repeat crimes,” Bolanos said. “These are human beings and we have truly the honor of trying to make them better.”