Private ferry service no longer operating in Redwood City

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Private ferry service PropSF is no longer operating at the Port of Redwood City.

The company was operating a six-month pilot program that began in June 2018, most notably transporting Facebook workers across the Bay.

In December 2018, the Port received notice from PropSF that it would no longer continue the service to Redwood City. It is unclear why the company ceased the service.

Ferry service in Redwood City has faced community opposition. Complaints during Prop SF’s pilot period led the Port of Redwood City to hold meetings with waterfront users that led to the establishment of guidelines in September.

Despite opposition, the Port of Redwood City is open to another private ferry service. Meanwhile, plans are in the works to establish a public ferry.

“At this time the Port would welcome another ferry service,” Port Executive Director Kristine Zortman told Climate Online today.

She added, “We are currently pursuing a public ferry in partnership with the City of Redwood City and WETA, who will be the operator of the public ferries.”

For more information about future ferry service, process, funding elements, and next steps click here.

Photo courtesy of PropSF’s Facebook page.


  1. Why doesn’t the Council and City Manager stop usurping the Port’s jurisdiction? Read the charter folks. Outrageous.

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