Caltrain to offer free rides for New Year's Eve revelers

Caltrain ‘Bikes Board First’ procedure starts today

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The policy is taking effect following what Caltrain called a successful pilot program last year that occurred at high bike ridership stations, including Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Hillsdale and 22nd Street. On social media, Caltrain posted an instructional video on the procedure for riders.

“The new procedure allows riders with bicycles to board first into the designated bike cars once exiting passengers have alighted,” the transit agency said. “Riders without bikes are encouraged to board on non-bike cars.”

Caltrain asks riders to look for the Bike Car sign near train doors to indicate which train cars allow bikes on board. Caltrain has two types of train cars, Gallery and Bombardier. Gallery trains have two bike cars limited to 40 bikes per car, while Bombardier trains have three bike cars limited to 24 bikes per car.

Bike riders who have been bumped, or not allowed to board due to overcapacity, are being asked to fill out this Bike Bump Form to help Caltrain determine and act upon trends.