Radioactive material found in San Carlos home; no public threat

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Radioactive material discovered in a San Carlos home, and set to be removed by state officials on Friday, does not present a threat to the public, the City of San Carlos said today.

Today, San Mateo County Environmental Health informed the Redwood City Fire Department and San Carlos about the material found inside the property on the 1000 block of Cedar Street.

The city did not expand upon what the radioactive material might be. The incident led to road closures as well as the temporary closure of Burton Park.

“Authorities entered the property this afternoon and confirmed the presence of this material,” the city said in a statement. “However, the material is contained and does not present a threat to the public.”

The material requires a specialized state response unit for collection and disposal, which is expected to arrive Friday morning, the city said.

“These state officials will be returning to the site in the morning to collect the material and transport it to a safe place for disposal,” the city statement said. “No further road closures or evacuations have been ordered. The Sheriff’s Office will be on site overnight to ensure no one accesses the property. No radiation has been detected outside the structure containing the material and there is no threat to residents in the immediate vicinity.”

The San Carlos Youth Center will reopen tomorrow morning at normal business hours, the city said.