Man charged with using bear spray on Redwood City students, teachers passing his RV

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Irritated by several 8th graders who were either knocking on or throwing items at his parked RV, a 42-year-old man grabbed a can of bear spray and randomly sprayed it out of one of the RV’s windows, dousing a group of students, parents and teachers returning from a park outing, according to San Mateo County prosecutors.

Now, Jared Carr is facing multiple misdemeanor assault charges related to the incident that impacted 12 people, including eight adults and four students, on May 31 on Jefferson Avenue near Grand Street in Redwood City.

At the time, the 8th grade class at McKinley Institute of Technology in Redwood City had been on an end-of-year outing at the park. While on the way to the park and then three hours later when the class was returning, several students “were knocking or throwing things” at the RV that was parked in the area, prosecutors said.

“The defendant became fed up,” prosecutors said, and sprayed bear spray out his window.

“Teachers began experiencing difficulty breathing and coughing; then the victims experienced burning in their eyes, mouths and throats,” prosecutors said.

Carr “acknowledged using the spray in his irritation at the kids behavior,” prosecutors said.

Carr is out of custody on his own recognizance. He was set to appear in Redwood City misdemeanor court today for initial arraignment on 13 charges that include unlawful use of tear gas and assault.