CHP to conduct enforcement operation on State Route 1

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Additional California Highway Patrol officers will be deployed on State Route 1 in San Mateo County this weekend as part of an effort to crack down on speeding and aggressive driving.

The enforcement operation is set to occur Saturday, July 27, and Sunday, July 28, along the coastal highway, citing a need to reduce collisions resulting from “unsafe speed, following too closely, unsafe lane changes, improper turning and other primary collision factor violations,” CHP Officer Art Montiel said.

A California Office of Traffic Safety grant, through the National Highway Traffic Administration, funded this weekend’s enforcement, Montiel said.

Photo credit: CHP


  1. Thank you, thank you. We need this coverage every weekend.
    Now that a new sign is posted at 92 and Main in HMB stating drivers can’t turn right on weekend on red, drivers are turning right into the gas station and between the beauty salon and therapy office to get on 92, creating more unsafe issues.
    Drivers, usually tourists, are riding the shoulders, unsafe passing with double lines, tailgating, etc. on Route 1 and Highway 92.

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