Redwood City council set to install new mayor and vice mayor

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The community is invited to recognize outgoing Mayor Ian Bain and to witness the installment of new Mayor Diane Howard and Vice Mayor Shelly Masur at City Hall on Monday, Dec. 9.

The evening starts at 6:30 p.m. with an hors d’oeuvres and refreshments reception, followed by the installation at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, according to the city.

In 2017, Mayor Bain was selected by his colleagues on council to serve as mayor for a two-year term.  The practice of having council select one of its own to serve as mayor and vice mayor has since changed. In September, council unanimously voted in favor of moving to a seniority-based rotation system in selecting the mayor and vice mayor.

For more information about each council member, including their terms of service and biographies, go here.

Photo credit: City of Redwood City


  1. hopefully the rents will go down due this scumbags love with high rent and wanting to turn the streets of redwood city into the streets of san francisco. 2 years of high rent and a love affair with out of town speculators loving high rent and gambling on google and facebook going up have turned the city i love into the city i hate. tech scum every where a nd rents that tech scum cant afford and homeless every where have even the rwc cops bothered. good bye you looser and dont let the door hit you on the way out punk

    • Oh no, I disagree with all of you and I believe that Jeff is not only disrespectful, but utterly and completely wrong.
      Placing sole responsibility for something that makes YOU unhappy is short sighted and ridiculous. You are blaming and name calling everyone who lives in our city, and to what end? Your gross display of lack of respect, human decency, and basic manners, does nothing for anyone here. Perhaps you should go buy yourself a dictionary and learn how to effectively communicate with adult words.

  2. Jeff, your anger at the destruction of RC (rightfully so) is completely wrong if you are implying Ian Bain is at fault here ( not solely, nor mostly)!

  3. Jeff is not completely wrong. The reason rents are so high is because rental property is relatively scarce in Redwood City, and California for that matter (Houson has built more rental properties in the past year than California has in 10). The rental increases have flattened out in the past five years as more appartnment comnplexes have come on line, but Mayor Bain led the charge to slow down home development over that period (at the urging of people like Jeff) and, as a result, rents are rising again – 4 percent y-0-y. It is too early to see of his initiative at rent control will be effective, but it hasn’t in any city that has attempted it.
    But That’s not to blame the mayor for it. He is merely following the will of the most vocal of his consitituents. If we want to know who is responsible housing costs are so high, we have but to look in a mirror.

  4. Lou Covey is, respectfully, dead wrong. As a former Resident Property Manager in San Francisco, I absolutely guarantee that Rent Control works. By regulating rents for new tenants, and slowing increases for increasing ones, there is far more available, middle-class housing at reasonable prices. Over time, it does inhibit new investment. But we have plenty of new apartment buildings to last for a while ….

    • Charles, you are correct, rent control keeps rents low. It also turns properties into slums as owners don’t have the money or incentive to maintain the properties they own. It also takes rentals off the market as rentals are, by definition, investments. Lower the return on the investment and lower the demand for such investment.

  5. Some absurd comments here…

    Houston has built more rentals properties than RWC?

    Of course they have…

    Houston is roughly 640 square miles of pretty cheap and open land…

    RWC (35 square miles) is not that and for sake of comparison, San Mateo County is ~ 745 square miles)

    But if I am not mistaken, all the new development downtown is rental, correct?

    Sure, some may not be able to afford it, but thats the reality of life…

    As for the Mayorship of RWC… its a joke.. its a role, not a job… The Mayor of RWC doesn’t wield much power.

  6. I hope something changes… Rent wise! Everyone around me is losing their homes if they do not own.. 40 plus yrs of memories gone… RWC staples being demolished because of higher rent costs.. It’s getting bad and maybe because I do not own property it solely hurts me.

  7. Oh Lou, there you go again. Please provide concrete examples where Ian Bain “led the charge” to slow down housing. That claim is without merit and last time I checked he was just one of seven votes on Council. The primary reason housing has slowed down is because we reached the bloody cap for market-rate housing in the Downtown Precise Plan ten years ahead of schedule. Also, rising construction costs haven’t helped either. But let’s blame our Mayor instead.

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