Redwood City to hold community meetings on proposed solid waste rate increases

Redwood City council approves solid waste rate hikes

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The Redwood City council on Monday unanimously approved increases in solid waste disposal rates.

For 20-gallon residential bins, monthly rates will increase by $3 to $15.87; for 32-gallon residential bins, they’ll increase by $2 to $32.86 per month. Rates for 64 and 96-gallon residential bins will rise by 4 percent to $64.20 and $95.31, respectively.

Unscheduled solid waste services to residential homes will increase by 2.26 percent.

For commercial customers, rates are increasing by 4 percent for one-yard bins picked up once or three times per week, as well as for three-yard bins picked up once or three times per week. For example, the cost for a one-yard bin picked up three times per week will go from $432.87 to $450.18.

Redwood City Public Works Director Terence Kyaw cited increasing labor costs, reduced revenue for recyclable materials and rising transportation costs as reasons for the rate hikes.

City officials point out the new rates remain less than the average cost charged by nearby communities. For several years, the City Council’s Utilities Sub-Committee has recommended addressing cost increases with regular, modest rate increases rather than those that are infrequent and steep.

Here’s how the new rates compare with other communities (charts presented in city documents):