Redwood City man pleads not guilty to charges connected to assault on his mother

Redwood City man pleads not guilty to charges connected to assault on his mother

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A Redwood City man pleaded not guilty to charges connected to an assault on his mother last week.

Scott Patrick Deasy, 32, is facing multiple counts including first-degree robbery and assault likely to result in great bodily injury in connection with the incident that occurred at 3 a.m. Thursday.

According to prosecutors, Deasy asked his 64-year-old mother who he lived with for $100 to buy gas. His mother worried that her son, who she says is a drug addict, would take all of her money. She reportedly agreed to give him $100. When she asked Deasy to stay outside her bedroom while she fetched the money, Deasy became enraged at his 5-4, 100-pound mother, prosecutors said. He accused her of planning to call police and began throwing items around her room, prosecutors said.

When his mother attempted to leave, the the 6-4, 190-pound Deasy allegedly shoved her onto the bed, got on top of her and strangled her for 30 seconds. He then allegedly threw her to the floor multiple times and struck her a total of 20 times on her head and back, prosecutors said. He then “dragged her down the hallway into his room and demanded she write him a check,” prosecutors said.

She wrote the check, but then he returned to say he couldn’t cash it. She then gave him $100 in cash. Deasy left and his mother called 911, but said she didn’t want her son arrested. The victim suffered multiple bruises and swelling all over her body, according to prosecutors.

Deasy has pleaded not guilty to all charges and he remains in custody on $250,000 bail. During his court hearing Friday, his mother was present and asked to be able to visit her son in jail. The court declined and granted prosecutors’ request for a no contact order.

Photo credit: Rafael Lima/Climate