California EDD providing support for workers impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

California EDD providing support for workers impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

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Financial relief is available for workers impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

For workers who qualify for benefits, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) is providing a variety of support services.

Here’s more from the EDD:

Workers who have had their hours reduced—or whose employer is currently not operating due to COVID-19, can file an unemployment insurance claim. Per the EDD on its website, unemployment insurance “provides partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own.” Workers waylaid due to the impact of COVID-19 don’t have to seek work during this period, but they do have to “remain able, available and ready to work” and meet eligibility criteria while claiming benefits. Typical benefits received range from $40 to $450 per week, per the EDD. Independent workers can learn more about their options here.

Parents who miss work due to their child’s school being closed might also be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. “Eligibility considerations include if you have no other care options and if you are unable to continue working your normal hours remotely,” according to the EDD. Apply via the previous unemployment insurance claim link.

California workers who can’t work and who are medically certified to either have COVID-19 themselves or to have been exposed to it can file a disability insurance claim. This option provides workers with short-term benefit payments “to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages due to a non-work-related illness, injury, or pregnancy,” per the EDD. Benefit amounts typically are about 60 to 70 percent of a worker’s wages (depending on income) and range from $50 to $1,300 a week.

Those workers unable to work due to caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19—that can be verified by a medical professional—can file a paid family leave claim. This benefit “provides up to six weeks of benefit payments to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages because they need time off work to care for a seriously ill family member or to bond with a new child,” per the EDD. Benefit amounts are about the same as those filing a disability claim.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order has waived the typical one-week waiting period for benefits; this means that workers can receive benefits the first week they are out of work. EDD processing typically kicks in within a few weeks of receiving a claim.

To learn more about your benefit options while impacted by COVID-19, visit the EDD’s website.

Photo credit: California Employment Development Dept.


  1. I am self employed, driving for Uber. Age 74 with long time respiratory condition. I am afraid for myself and my passengers. Can I collect Unemployment Insurance while I am self isolating?

      • No, if you are self employed or an independent co tractor and not an employee you will not get unemployment.

          • People who have form 2063 is instructed to call EDD with in a 28 day window. Yet, all they get is a busy tone and the line hangs up. Is there away around calling?

          • I’m a caregiver and have a few mild symptoms of coughing and slight itchy throat and i stop working for my recipient do i qualify for state sick leave. Am i a self employed contractor and what do i qualify for?

          • There is something systemic happening here ….
            I filed on March 16th the day I was laid off as a result of the crisis.
            I filed correctly and when I had available weeks to certify I did so online with no problem until.when I clicked on the payment activity it didnt reflect any payment pending , then when I went back to benefit history it had my status as * disqualified *
            For both weeks ?!?
            I sent an email ( says a response will be sent in 5 to 7 days )
            Day 8 … nothing .
            So now I have NO idea what will happen when I go to certify again at the end of this 2 weeks …
            Same problem ??
            This is a massive failure on the part of CA EDD

          • I filed online with the instructions that we’re giving for self employed filing and my response was I got $0.00

          • @Roanna I have the same exact problem. It’s a little unnerving. Has your situation been resolved?

        • Are gig workers, freelancers and independent contractors covered?

          Yes, self-employed people are newly eligible for unemployment benefits.

          Benefit amounts will be calculated based on previous income, using a formula from the Disaster Unemployment Assistance program, according to a congressional aide.

          • Impossible to get ahold of anyone. Can anyone answer if you need to file two separate claims for two different jobs affected by shutdown? This is unbelievable how there is no possible way to ask a question to someone either through the phone or their website.

          • Will i still get the extra $600 even with penalty weeks? I need help. I cannot get ahold of edd. I’ve emailed many times as well.

          • Has anyone who was disqualified after receiving a payment told why? That also happened to me with no email or explanation.

        • Do you know if well I’m on furlough for my full time job I still work 12 hour partime job its janitorial so I make about 150 a week.edd sent me my benefits are 416 a week are they going to take out my 136 I bring home for 12 hours or do I get that plus my 412 I have reported my 12 hours

        • This is 100% NOT true. You CAN get unemployment due to Covid-19 if you are a independent contractor or gig worker. File for unemployment at the website.

        • The EDD website clearly states to be honest and put that for your reporting weeks to put that you aren’t looking for work. I am on an unpaid furlough and so I don’t need to be looking for work due to COVID-19. I waited two weeks for a response only to see online that my two reporting weeks are disqualified. So I haven’t had work since the 15th and there’s no way to get through to anyone. So does this mean I have to start all over again. How will I literally eat. I’ve been waiting a month for an answer to just be disqualified?? Someone please help. I’m hoping it says disqualified and that they go back and correct it. Because it said that you wouldn’t be penalized for putting that you aren’t looking for work. So why do I have a scary disqualified message.

          • i’m in the same situation, I filed my claim 3/16 for it to only be disqualified after the status was pending for 3 days. my other co workers filed and were approved just fine. when i go to re certify benefits, within 3 hours again it was disqualified. no letter explaining my disqualification. i mailed an appeal today and am going to be calling tomorrow, yet again, to try and get some answers and hopefully a resolution. you’re not alone in this nightmare. good luck.

          • I am in the same situation… and soo stressed and dont know what to
            Do please tell
            Me if u found a solution

          • I am
            In the same boat and i dont know what to do please
            Let me know if u were able
            To resolve your issue

        • you are so incorrect and should not be giving misinformation out during this critical time. If you are not up to par on what programs ARE available for self-employed or independent contractors under the Covid 19 relief then please familiarize yourself before misleading anyone

      • I find this whole event to be frustrating. The software for UI online seems to be insufficiently programmed. If you do make a mistake, God help you to get in contact with someone, let alone someone who knows what they are doing, isn’t biased and can interpret the rules that have completely changed in the last 9 days.
        Also, how do you like the work hours of the EDD. 8 to 12, 4 hours shift. That does not seem to be a brilliant idea considering claims have gone up from 2000 a day to 80000.
        You call and they recommend using the onlinen services which don’t seem to be able to calculate even the simplest of math. ( @ 2nd to 3rd grade math )

        They are going to take state employees who are out of work and use them to work at CA EDD, but still only work half a day while doctors, hospital workers, truck drivers, food delivery personnel work at least 40 hours a week. Maybe they work 8 hours but phone calls are only being received 4 hours a day for @ 2000 claimants etc., yet there are maybe 500,000 people with legitimate questions every day.
        Maybe if their software was a bit more sophisticated it would alleviate questions.
        Maybe if they answered their phones that would help.

        • Agree…..EDD website say’s they are awaiting further guidelines from the Dept of Labor to administer the new Cares Act and yet if you go to Dept of Labor site these guidelines were published almost every single day and nothing’s happening from the Ca EDD.

          • I having the same issue. My UI status was pending for a few day and later show disqualification with no explanation or letter. I been reading and search what to to after being disqualification. It’s show the notice of determine form DE 1080 zc will be mail out and if I disagree with part or all of the decisions. I can send the letter back to EDD and Appeal. But my question is where do I send out the letter to appeal if I never received those form DE1080 from EDD . Does anyone know which address should I send the letter to appeal. I live in San Jose California. So frustrated, I email them no response , called them 3 days and more than 1000 times a day can’t get to speak to anyone .

        • I agree with you. All physical EDD offices are closed. With this event, EDD should be taking calls 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. What with all of those State workers being shifted over to the EDD this should not be difficult. Only answering the phones from 8-12 with the “business as usual” mentality is ignorant. How is a person to file or reach EDD?? This is intentional limiting people to a service.

          • This was happening before the pandemic. This is the result of laziness and stupidity on their employees. Even the hours of their customer service is 8am to 12pm I tried for 3 days and your on hold until 12pm and they just hang up. The investigator assigned to my case is utterly beyond lazy. Advises to leave msg in vm but this is just a tactic after 3 days I went to the edd office and when I went there to present my case. Dont exactly know what their investigating but I’m a temp worker and theres a pandemic goin around. The result is I waited another month for someone to talk to me and the day came o 4/4/20 from 10am to 2 pm. Around 845am got an automated msg saying that they dont need to interview. My family had very little to eat and 2 weeks ago my dog got a slipped disc and couldn’t not get the stuff he needs. Medicine, braces and now he cannot move his hind legs because of EDD stupidity and laziness. Luckily I have that individuals cell phone and I’m suing this individual who discriminated against me. The head of Edd should be fired on the spot given how the department is being managed. Hiw can you have a call center that’s open from 8am to 12pm during a pandemic. People who are suffering are suffering more because of these idiots. They cant say their system is strained because mine happened 2 to 3 weeks before the pandemic. IM SUING THIS INDIVIDUAL AS WELL AS THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. EDD we have rights and were actually paying for that and now that we need it it’s not there. They made 2 deposits of 450 and it’s still stuck there. I cant get it out because their the only ones who have access to this system according to bank of america. I’m almost sure theres a class action given how many people are affected and theres actually proof and documentation that it was the same before the pandemic. People are suffering needlessly and going hungry because they dont do what their supposed to. I Encourage you to seek legal actions with attorneys not their dispute online the only we can change this is put capable people who can actually help and answer. The head of edd should be fired on the spot. You just dont play with peoples livesike that.

          • My unemployment expires today, do I automatically get the 13 week extension due to the care act or do I need to apply for it?

      • My employer does not contribute to California unemployment. I need to take off work to take care of my mother who just broke her neck at age 78. Can I receive unemployment or state disability?

    • Edd phone line doesnt work…hangs up on you. When filing they have not put an option for anyof these senarios…… I have not heard from them… It has already been iver a week…..

      • My company shut down. It’s been three weeks Since I filed & I cannot get into my account because of EDD customer account number. I have tried Ask EDD, but get automated response. I made a mistake I want to correct on my application. I’ve tried calling but to no avail. All my other coworkers have already been processed & paid but me.

        • I am in the same boat. My coworkers have already been processed, and not me. It has been over 2 weeks since I applied. And you are right, we cannot get a hold of anyone live at EDD. I have sent them two notices on their feedback page, and have not even recieved a reply. We have no money.

        • EDD first approved me and sent me everything except my Bank of America debit card and have now disqualified without giving any reason. Tried to contact them several times through various means but they are unreachable.

          • Been trying to reopen my claim for 2 weeks now. This WHOLE SYSTEM IS A DAMN JOKE!

          • Me too! And I can’t get a hold of anyone?! Even tried googling to see how many others are having the same problem. During a national crisis and shutdown no one should be disqualified if they lost jobs due to this

          • Same thing just happened to me as well… they approved me, i filed this morning… and then just check again and am disqualified… what is going on 🙁 .. i am super stressed now… i honestly can’t pay my bills.

          • Please tell if u were able to resolve the issues coz i thought I qualified like all my coworkers but after waiting for a month a got disqualified and dont even
            Know why

          • I filed on March 14th the day I was laid off and edd accepted my claim and then I waited two weeks to certify for my benefits. When I checked to see if I was approved it said I was disqualified and they did not give me a reason. I have emailed them three times and they have not answered my question. It has been three weeks since I filed and one week since I was disqualified and have heard nothing from the edd I am starting to worry I will not be able to pay my Bills next month if something does not happen soon.

          • Was laid off the 6th Filed on the 7th of March the last 4 weeks have been disqualified and they have no one to answer the phones don’t respond to the online emails for more than a month and only work 8 to noon ridiculous

          • I am having the same issue! Only I’m almost positive I do not have an overpayment. I filed in mid March and each week is saying either false statement penalty or disqualification for week ending in ×. I wake up each morning to call at 8am-noon and get nothing. So I’m very curious who else is having this issue it makes 0 sense. When I recieved my award letter it said nothing about bring penalized for a false statement. Also they are adding an additional 600$/wk I need this $ the most right now since I was temporarily laid off. If I cant get ahold of anybody should I consult a lawyer?? I’m losing sleep over this and my frustration grows daily.

        • I made a mistake on my claim. I put in the wrong wages and submitted it. I created a UI Online account. And when you sign in, sign into the Benefit Programs Online. Once you get in to your account, go to Contact Us. Select mistake on claim. When you send them a message about your mistake, make sure you have the correct information as well. Your allowed two questions a day. I helps out a lot. Hope this helps. God bless

        • Can edd penalize me by holding weeks in a time of a world crisis? I am a single mom who is a contract worker and am getting hardly anything from edd and on top of that they have held my pay due to something I did wrong over two years ago. This will force me to leave my child at home alone to go out and get a job risking being exposed and putting my child in danger.

          • My benefits ran out on the 5th of March. Was going to start a new job within 2 weeks but they cannot open because of the virus. l tried to reopen my claim form and they said I have to wait a couple more months until I can apply again. Tried to get clarification but nobody answers the phone and online it doesn’t give me any clues on how I can recertify. Everything is frustrating for everybody hopefully they will figure this out soon there’s people who run out of money and need to take care of the obligations and feed their kids

            Cannot get through to anybody on phone and hit a dead end on online any help is really appreciate it

        • My unemployment expires today, do I automatically get the 13 week extension due to the care act or do I need to apply for it?

      • I am going to need the EDD department to get someone to record more prompts to help people deal with this over the phone.

        I recently filed for unemployment in December because of layoffs. I was selected to go to an office location to take a one day course in how to use the Caljobs site. The next week I had to go to meet with someone about my resume. This is when I learned that the EDD department needs an overhaul. The people who work there are complacent and have no real desire to even be there. They are also not in touch with the current job market at all.
        If you do not work in any of the standard fields… you are out of luck. For example: they thought grahic design was in the entertainment field.

        This current situation is a reflection of the total neglect of this state department.

      • They will reply to you right away if you are illegal and speak only Spanish. American citizens are 2nd class citizens in California with Gov. Newsome leading the state in implementation.
        This needs to change after the crisis. Vote them all out!

    • This would likely fall under the category of Disability Insurance as long as a doctor will validate the claim.

    • Yes you can apply my husband drives for Uber and he has already applied and just certified for benefits today. We are in a pandemic which has nothing to do with you choosing not to work, and you definitely has loss of wages during the stay at home policy. Hope this helps

    • So Edd is giving an additional 600 on top of whatever they’ll be receiving on edd, what if a person is on Sdi trough Edd because covid 19 are they going to going to get that also ?? Some people don’t get enough on sdi to make it how are they going to help them ?? I don’t understand that, nobody asked for this to happen they need to help all of this is the case

        • I have several employers to list and although I save, and click save draft, frequently, I’ve done it at least a dozen times and it clears out my information. It is impossible to put it all in without it timing out. I tried to call and it hangs up after weight or has a recording to say call back. I work as a substitute teacher in schools every day for several districts, all of which are closed. I’ve been trying to contact them for a week now.

          • I also work as a substitute teacher. I had problems with the online application. I was able to speak with somebody. They emailed me the 12-page application, which I printed out. I sent it in around a week ago. Still waiting ….

        • I am a daily substitute teacher for many districts- working every day. I have several employers to list and although I save, and click save draft, frequently, I’ve done it at least a dozen times and it clears out my information. It is impossible to put it all in without it timing out. I tried to call and it hangs up after weight or has a recording to say call back. I’ve been trying to contact them for a week now.

          • I have the same question. If you have more than one employer do you have to file multiple claims? Also, if you fill something out incorrectly by mistake do they just reject your claim altogether? Its frustrating because you cant talk to any body on their phones and it seems they don’t allow you to leave an email message on their website even though they say you can. So, if you do something wrong by mistake there is no guidance.

          • If you happen to be a substitute teacher with LAUSD they agreed to pay their substitute teachers during the pandemic. You should enquire about this if it is an option for you.

        • I’ve been fourlough I just filed yesterday
          How long I have to wait for my 1st payment
          I got zero income coming in

      • I have not worked in the last two years so I have not files taxes for the last two years. I was suppose Start a job on March 17. This was pushed pack now until August 1 due to COVID-19. I also exhausted disability benefits in 2017 so I have nothing left over in my edd acct. Am I screwed? Does this mean I’m
        Ineligible? I’m also at home with a child that is unable to be in school due to the virus. Also how is the amount going
        To be calculated for those that have to be at home with their kids?

    • To bad EDD UI claims don’t count the current fiscal quarter, only previous fiscal quarters, so if you’ve been out of work, and just found yourself a job, and find yourself laid off because of the COVID 19 crisis, your screwed for benefits. Where do those of us that slip through that crack find relief? I’ve worked really hard going through a lot to get to where I could finally work, only to be laid off, and out for any financial support, with rent and bills still due.

      • As do I, I’m searching everyone on the web to see but no such luck. EDD phone lines are max cap. So I’m just stuck here in the crack I guess.

        • Travis and Melly, have you both tried to apply for benefits anyway? The State of CA is going to have to lax their rules in this emergency state. Sooner or later.

          There are online jobs. Just don’t sell stuff online from your house! A lot of people are doing that since they are home anyway and it’s really a bad time for that. Try to file for Unemployment!!

          Or if you catch the virus, you might be able to get disability benefits despite being rejected from Unempl. Look at the EDD’s faq site for covid. I think I’m seeing some loopholes now as they are having to change things.

    • There will be enough , don’t worry just file . keep your faith in Jesus Christ . He will provide ! God bless you!

    • Total BS. Fiance is a “self employed” cosmetologist who “has” to pay rent to operate.

      Said establishment is closed by law and the profession of cosmetology requires less than 6 ft proximity but is deemed “non essential.”

      So in other words, if you’re a cosmetologist in CA, Governor Newesome and his blood sucking socialist regime care about you about as much as they do the homeless.

      What a shitty shitty state!!!

  2. I fall on this category ” Parents who miss work due to their child’s school being closed might also be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. “Eligibility considerations include if you have no other care options and if you are unable to continue working your normal hours remotely,” according to the EDD”. My question are
    1. How long it will take to apply for EDD and Max and Minimum payment amount per week $ _ ?
    2.What kind of Document do i need to summit EDD and what are the assessment/ Measurement of Eligibility Criteria ?

    • It only takes about 20-30 minutes to apply online. The maximum weekly payout is $450. Because you have a child(ren) you may also ne eligible for a food card and mediCal if your company is not covering your health insurance. Best wishes to your family

      • Did you get approved ? What documents did you have to turn in I have a phone appt Tuesday same situation as you

      • Medescapacitaron ase mucho tiempo por un accidente de trabajao me dieron beneficios de discapacidad no estoy trabajando mi esposa tanpoco no se como llenar los papeles de nuebo para octener los beneficios .tengo que pagar renta biles extera nosabemos aque tipo de ayuda acudir

    • Did you get approved ? What documents did you have to turn in I have a phone appt Tuesday same situation as you

  3. How soon can i apply for unemployment benefit. If today, my employer informed me that effective March 28, my hours will be reduced, can i proceed to apply now or I have to wait till March 28?

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  5. I work part time as activities director at a 55+ active senior apt community. I was told by the state to “self isolate”. I need to work to pay my rent. Can I apply for unemployment?

    • Yes ,you do qualify. At ths point,only standard benefits. 40 to 450 per week. No extra 600 yet. They are still not paying that yet. Looks like 2 more weeks for that.

  6. I fall ender ui due to school closure for my children, and I out down lay off because there was no option for school closure what did anyone put if any for that drop down I have a phone interview on Tuesday but I hope I don’t get disqualified

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  8. Are there any benefits available for those who have ‘underlying conditions’ (E.G. Diabetes) who are staying away from work due to stay at home orders by the governor?

    • I believe the EDD is changing their rules for self-employed if that is your case. They really need to if they aren’t already. The SBA is providing business loans and more help is to come avail soon.

      We are all losing money right now together. Just need to do the best we can and have faith. If you are self employed please let me know how it works. For unemployment OR SDI. I would file SDI first if I were trying it. They might say you have to contract it first but you have an extenuating circumstance so please just give it a shot.

  9. i filed a claim last night and submitted it received a case number tried to print the submission but my submission and thh case number disappeared. can’t now access it, i don’t see it, never received an email confirmation. the help screen only tells me how to print it by using online services but there is no link to print, in fact when i click on existing claims it only brings up a claim that i had filed back in 2013. has anyone else submitted without getting an kind of verification of submission?

  10. I am an arena worker. I have been out of work since the first days of this situation. I have been attempting to apply for unemployment everyday. I haven’t worked long enough to be deemed eligible for a new claim. In a attempts to reopen an existing claim I am having problems because I am required to have an account number which is mailed to to you when you first apply. I no longer have this information on hand and it can’t be recovered online. Calling the number is a joke. If you can get past the voice message that tells you to call back later, the main line to call hangs up on you. In addition to only being available from 8am to 12pm. What am I supposed to do from here????

  11. Saw interview with woman Fromm EDD said to choose the drop down menu online for coronivus but can’t find it??

  12. To get UI for child school closure and I have to stay at home to watch them, do I have to ask my boss if I can work from home,, then if she says NO, do I quit for good cause, then file for UI??

  13. I work in a casino as a dealer, my work is still paying hourly wages, but we were told to apply for unemployment to make up for our tips we lose out on. Anyone know what I should apply for? Thx in advance.

  14. I had a UI Online account from when I filed a claim in 2017. Back then, the site required a username and password but now it’s asking for my e-mail and password, and it displayed a security image and phrase I did not select. I tried the Forgot Password option but I never received the e-mail. So I tried to just create a new account, but it wouldn’t let me because it said there was already an account using that password. Yikes! Does anyone know if they changed the credentials process since 2017?

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    • Jeff- see my most recent post. We have to wait for the EDD website to update our online account so that we have the option to continue our claim. You can’t file right now, we are in the same boat and verified this with a live person yesterday. Or they will mail us something to fill out…not sure how they will do it. We are in CA too.

      • Hey girl.. my benefits expired 2/22/20 and the job I actually got was put on hold.. do you know if they will extend benefits? If we have exhausted our original claim? I’ve only been on unemployment 1 time so I have no idea.. I started receiving fewer and fewer interviews as February approached and it was difficult throughout the holidays.. so now I find a job a lose it the same week.. not sure what to do..

        • Lauren- see my post on April 2nd 4:12pm. We have to wait for them to update the website so that we can continue certifying the weeks after our benefits ran out:) I am (assuming) this is how the process will go.

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  17. I had to reopen a file claim from 12-1-19 and update it with my new Corina virus lay-off . That claim was denied I have to now here from the reopened case beciase I couldn’t file a new one. One of the jobs I claimed said I was still hired on March but obviously I am not due to stay gone orders. What do I do guys? I can appeal that job at the little court for UI claims. I really need this to go through. Amid it normal to not be able to erase a job off the old claim if I messed up stuff like that. And is this a considered a disaster because it asks on the claim? Thank you all for your time and knowledge please stay clean.

  18. I recently exhausted my unemployment last month, but due to the new bill that passed, it makes unemployment extend 13 more weeks. Unfortunately, the website does not have an option where I can reapply or reopen saying I already maxed it out and not able to reapply until July but we know that is not true. Does anyone know how to handle this and set up the additional weeks? Obv I qualify, but we all know the phones are a nightmare, and would love to do it online if possible. Thanks!

    • BDW- We got through to EDD in CA today and spoke to a live person. We also emailed them your exact question but you have to email from your online account under “contact us”. You won’t find your question so you have to pick an unrelated question which allows a comment field to open up and then you can email your question. The lady said when EDD is given the green light on extensions, then it will most likely be posted on their website with instructions how to proceed. Our claim ended a week ago and you are correct. You can’t start a new claim or request to extend. I’m thinking maybe our online account will change format and allow us to certify for more weeks once their site updates when the extension officially goes through. I think this extension is supposed to go into effect April 1st, today.

      “Section 105. Full Federal Funding of Extended Unemployment Compensation for a Limited Period. For states that experience an increase of 10 percent or more in their unemployment rate (over the previous year) and comply with all the beneficiary access provisions in section 102, this section provides 100 percent federal funding for Extended Benefits, which normally require 50 percent of funding to come from states. Extended Benefits are triggered when unemployment is high in a state and provide up to an additional 26 weeks after regular UI benefits (usually 26 weeks) are exhausted.”

        • I believe we called 800-300-5616 every 10-15 min from 8am-12pm. I’ll double check the number with my husband and update my post if I’m wrong. We chose “file a new claim” even though our question was about extending our claim. It might be a coincidence but we tried pressing “extending our claim” for a day or two and once we chose “file a new claim” we finally got someone (over an hour later). I would also email them from your online account. See my previous post:)

    • I’m in the exact same situation! I’ve attempted to call back after the 13 week extension was passed but no luck! Please let me know if you find a solution.

  19. I applied two weeks ago. No notice that they ever received my claim by email, and can’t log back in until I “get mailed a pin number.” Nothing has happened.

    • Kelli- My son very recently applied online for CA EDD and within 10 days his online EDD account updated with the amount he will receive and it was ready for him to certify benefits and start getting paid immediately. No pin required to log in. Before you fill out the online application, it only asked him for a user name/ password. So he just logged back in 10 days later and used the same user name/password. I know for Medi-Cal and Cal Fresh, you need a pin to log on and that I think is something they mail to you.

    • The pin gets mailed to you. Takes about a week. Now, maybe 2. Keep a look out for it because once you log it in the 1st time that’s it. No more

  20. I just got an update on their website saying I am disqualified for UI benefits and it does not say why, only to wait for a letter in the mail? I am a line cook and have worked all but 2 weeks of the last solid 4 years. I have been in the same kitchen since early July last year and the last job for the the better part of 3 years. I am on leave until the shut downs are over so I have zero income. Can anybody give me advice as to why with the Government Mandate I am being denied? Please help if you can answer as I am freaking out right now.

    • Hang in there. I received the same disqualification without any reason. Have faith that they will fix the problem internally. Calling them will be no help because it’s impossible to get a live person. We have to trust the process. Will pray for you. Keep faith.

      • Did you ever get a reply on this? I’ve been disqualified as well status and can’t get ahold of anyone

        • My friend applied and was accepted. Online accoutn ahowed weekly amount and max amount of claim. She did her certification to recieve benefits. Was denied. No letter no reason. Never recieved a card in mail. Nothing. She has left several questions through the “contact us” option. No repsonse.

        • Finally got a hold of a Live customer service. He was able to change status from disqualification to paid. My claim was flagged due to my old claim 6 years ago that was disqualified.

    • Same here, i got disqualify for my first week and second week with no explanation, been try calling edd since Monday 8-12pm and with no luck on getting a live person on the phone… very frustrated…

    • I have the same issue. Sending them an email no response , called them 1000 times a day unreachable. No income for 4 weeks . Now am lost and worried how am I goin to pay my rent and bills

  21. Chris- my son is in CA and his restaurant shut down and he was approved within 10 days. No mail has come to the house, we had to log into his EDD online account to see the approval. It took us 3 hours to apply online because we were meticulous about reporting his quarterly earnings for the last 18 months. By chance did you print out your application so you can check it over for anything that might have been missed? I’m just a layman here and never worked for EDD before but something seems off as you clearly seem to qualify. I’m wondering if it’s something simple like you checked the wrong box about disaster relief-hypothetical ex. I think we printed his application if you want to compare what you put. Meanwhile, email them from your online account (see my other post) and keep calling from 8-12 until you reach someone. Post your contact info if you want to compare application info.

  22. Do we mark this as a disaster for a UI claim in California? Also I just reopened my UI claim yesterday and today the emailed me to Lin in and certify me for benefits what do I do I need this money? Thank you guys. I don’t want to answer anything wrong.

  23. Latest News for Workers (posted April 2nd)
    We have reviewed the federal CARES Act and are working on programming needed to implement the new provisions for the unemployed but, like all other states, we are currently awaiting further guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to complete that programming. That includes all of the parameters needed to start paying an additional $600 to those receiving unemployment benefits in light of the impacts of the coronavirus, as well as to establish a new 13-week extension of benefits paid for by the federal government when someone exhausts their regular UI claim during an established timeline.

    The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is a brand new program. The EDD is working quickly with state partners to set up this new program to serve unemployed Californians who don’t usually qualify for regular state UI benefits, including the self-employed. Californians should follow the current instructions on this page regarding potential UI benefits with more details to come later in the week as soon as they are available.

    If you applied for benefits in March, learn about the next steps for your unemployment insurance claim.
    For faster processing, read How to Set Up a UI Online Account (DE 2338H) (PDF) to help you apply for benefits.
    For help completing the application, call your local America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM to schedule a phone appointment with an EDD representative.
    It takes at least three weeks to process a claim for unemployment benefits and issue payment to most eligible workers. We appreciate your patience.
    Federal funds are available to get you back to work quickly, including supportive services for basic needs, such as housing, child care, and transportation costs. For more information, visit COVID-19 Additional Funds for Workers and Businesses.

  24. My employer, a religious organization, does not currently participate UI but we are needing to do some furloughs. Can I still get UI under the new program?

  25. When does EDD_CA plan on hiring more employees to meet the demands of the millions of new claimants that have been unsuccessful in filing their claims?

    Additionally, with this new onslaught of claimants EDD is incapable of even handling those who were already receiving benefits. I for one have been attempting to contact EDD every single day since March 17th to no avail! I received a letter in which I was instructed to contact EDD within 10 days if any of my information had changed which it had. I need to speak to a live person and I CANNOT have my matter tended to via email or self-help. I CANNOT reach anyone over phone or to respond to my emails that I need to speak to someone over the phone.

    For 3 weeks nothing has changed yet CA knew there a inevitable and impending wave of unemployed would materialise back in January… if anyone was following the news!

    Again…when will EDD hire more staff to receive phone calls and assist the millions of claimants in order to meet this unusual demand due to the CoViD black swan event? Dailiy news reports for weeks on how eligible persons cannot file their claims as EDD’s systems continue to be overloaded.


    For 3 weeks nothing has changed yet CA knew there was to be an inevitable and impending wave of unemployed that would materialise way back in January… if anyone was following the news!

  27. Me quedé sin trabajo por el covid 19 y me quedé sin fondos en enero 2020 para recibir pagos por el desempleo y trabaje este último trimestre podran ayudarme aunque mi solicitud se venza en octubre 10 2020

  28. Just certified my 2 weeks this past Sunday 3/28. Next I checked status it was disqualified. I had old UI claim 6 years ago that was disqualified. Do I have to call the 800 number and get it changed as far as status. Thank you

      • I was able to get a live customer service. They switched status from disqualification to paid status. I started calling @ 7:50 am. The rep said because of my old claim 6 years my account was flagged to be disqualified but he corrected it.

  29. I am a substitute teacher at Poway Unified School District in San Diego. Our District closed its doors to students on March 13. The following week, we substitutes were informed we should apply for unemployment. I did so and, several days later, received an email from the EDD that I qualified for 164.00 a week. I don’t know how the number could be so low, I work nearly every day. Anyhow, yesterday, I received a thick envelope in the mail with a “Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award” explaining my claim and benefits: in the Notice of Unemployment Award It states that my Weekly Benefit amount ( Line 4) is $164.00 based on line Sox of highest quarter earnings of $4251.25. However, I will receive $0 a week since substitutes are ineligible for benefits when the District is on recess. This is stated in line item number 7 of the notice: Award without school wages —Maximum benefit Amount: $0.00 Weekly Benefit Amount: $0.00. On the reverse of the letter it states, “The reward listed on the reverse page in item 7 is your award without the wages earned from a public or nonprofit school. If you worked for a public or nonprofit school during any of the quarters listed on the reverse page in item 12, you may not be able to use those wages in your claim during a school recess period.” Obviously, this is a school recess period, but how could the system get this so wrong? There must be a lot of teachers and school employees in my same position. Anyone else get this letter yet? How do we respond to an overwhelmed system?

    • Hi, I read your comments about the EDD and your request. I am also a sub in North County SD, but I can’t even apply online because when it asks for Work Type (Education is Business Type under Services I chose) it won’t allow me to continue because nothing comes up for Work Type such as teacher, or substitute or anything…. How did you get past this and do you remember what you entered in order to proceed?? My Saved draft expires this Sat 4/11. Thanks! Rich R

      • They have an obligation to provide these critcal services I a timely manner. Since they have not done any of that and I’m pretty sure it’s happening to thousands of people. I would sue them because the. State is way too big and this is a big deal their messing with peoples life and livelihood. It will or has already costs lives and even the head of the department is somehow unable to identify that those service call centers need to open from 7am to pm every day. THEY ARE STILL OPEN FROM 8AM TO 12PM. WTF! SUE THESE SOBS. My dog had a slipped disc and I Hard time getting the stuff he needed and now he cant move his back legs but thas just the tip of the iceberg for me.

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    • I thought I had the same issue but its not broken as it seems. I wasn’t able to find that page again since I’ve already submitted my application but I think it was a just a dropdown list that you have to click through and click the different pages. Sorry i couldn’t be more helpful. I recommend trying it on a different internet browser if that works. I’d recommend trying to call them too but i’m sure you’ve thought of that.

  31. I am a Realtor in California and I applied online but I do not see a PUA claim form. I did receive a normal form in the mail but it does not apply to me. Can anyone help me with this?

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  35. Hi everyone!! Soo my hrs have been reduced to 18-25 hrs a week vs 40hrs. I reopened a former UI claim. I just certified for my 2 week and reported my grose income.. and listed that my hrs were reducee to part time due to Covid19 and I just checked/both weeks were disqualified and there is nothing in my inbox to explain why. I was a approved for $10k and $415 a week. One week I made more than that and the other week I made $395. I don’t understand and also weren’t we suppose to get the additional $600? My certification dates were for 3/22-4/4/2020. Should I appeal it or wait for the EDD to sort things out?

  36. Good question. My first week certified went from 318 to 0 because I reported 28 dollars of income. They still have @ 3 days to show me the money which should be 315. And for the second week I will wait and see. The claim amount shows 0 since I mentioned making 28 dollars and I am wondering what will happen for my next two weeks of certification as far as the 600 extra until July 31.
    Obviously the online information is lacking detail and defaults to posting depressing incorrect figures. I keep checking the website daily to see if they can do basic math using the help of a computer even though you could do the math in a 3rd grade classroom, but to make a short answer long, I think I should just wait and let them process at the speed of mollasses in January. The more I check in expecting sane, adept, timely work, the more frustrated I get.
    They literally had to subtract 25 from 28 take that number and subtract it from my weekly award amount and post a figure of 315 but since I mentioned making 28 at a very temporary almost one time only job, the computers in the year 2020 are putting my amounts at 0 and my status at excessive earnings.
    I feel obligated not to report the truth and to work the system as best as possible now that I see their software and math abilities are lame, but first I will wait to see if honesty and timely reporting will get me my fare share. I am 51 and have never received a penny from UI, so I am new to this mess. I would wait because since they don’t answer their phones and they won’t probably be able to help you at a physical office what is the point. Maybe camp out near their offices. It is messed up because they are incentivizing is to get in line with undocumented day laborers or find jobs under the table due to the fact they can’t provide customer service. With 3 executive orders passed by the President it has to be confusing, but seeing as how they can’t subtract 2 digit and 3 digit numbers regardless of orders or maybe because of orders or they could but would have to automate a note saying we aren’t really sure how to do the math but 0 is probably wrong. IDK. I am on this site to feel that I am not the only one being frustrated and played or to see if people are fed up enough to want to play the system. Patience is a virtue and hopefully good karma comes to those who are patient. The lack of cohesion does make us all do extra thinking. I hope you get your fair share as I hope I get mine. Especially the supposed plus 600.

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  38. Takes longer by mail. On line maybe 2 weeks from today as that is their payout bi weekly schedule. The 20th is the next payout date.

  39. filed edd they sent my claim form and then sent my information page stating i had 0 due to what is their HUGE mistake of putting my last employer as the name of the owner NOT the work place!! now im trying to get them to fix their mistake and out of work and money !how did this even happen !? the last employer was obviously the company name not the owners name , this is a mess its been almost 4 weeks now . im calling today as they stated they received my message legt to them online about this but i never received anything in the mail :/ frustrating when i have bills to pay and the workers put wrong information in my claim :/ seriously this is big .

  40. I even called governor’s office and Mayor’s of Los Angeles if they know how many people needs immediate help I would extend phone person to 24/7 and so as expedite this process I do not believe they are doing their best in this crisis .

  41. EDD publishes a matrix that shows which 4 annual payment quarters will be used to calculate your weekly benefit amount. For example, if you apply for benefits in the month of April, EDD will look back wages/earnings for the previous quarters Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan. This is just an example not correct information – find the correct information on EDD web site under “how your benefits are calculated”.

    It may be that, for whatever reason, you have no wages/earnings during the 4 months relative to the month you first file your claim. Look closely for the checkbox that says you want EDD to consider alternative periods, not just the 4 months shown in the matrix/chart I mention.

    Where you see somewhere a period of time where your claim is “disqualified” – this often reflects the first week waiting period where benefits are not claimed. I know that during Covid-19 EDD is waiving this waiting period but it could still be the system has not caught up.I cannot speak to claims showing as “denied”, I’m sorry.

    Creating an online account with EDD and using the “contact us” email is a very good way to get someone to help you or at least respond to you. Ask clear questions about a specific matter and you will get a reply within a day or 3.

    I was able to successfully help my friend create her online account and file a claim online Sunday around noontime. Try to have all the information you need to complete the application in one go – you need to know your wages/earnings [if any] for the last 6 months or so, including any specific amounts you received for vacation or sick pay [for example, your employer cashed out and included these amounts on your final paycheck], your employers/supervisor contact information, date you last worked and so on.

    I wish I had more to offer for the temp/self-employed/teacher claims or those of you who say you were approved then denied. I can say this, in all cases EDD will/must make a final “determination” about your claim. Either it’s approved or formally denied. In normal times, EDD will absolutely notify you in writing your claim was denied and this denail letter/notice will include a yellow form to appeal the denial and instructions for how and when to do this. Pay careful attention to the deadline to return the appeal request, it matters. Don’t fret about writing some long explanation, just write a simple statement about your situation and send it off. Again, in normal times you will be then scheduled for an in-person appeal hearing that 9 times out of 10 is going to go your way. How appeal hearings go down now with the system overload is hard to predict. But make an on time request for an appeal hearing anyway.

    I know this does not help in the short term or provide answers to the frustrations trying to call EDD other than the suggestion you stop calling and try emailing them via your EDD account contact. Even in the best of times, reaching someone at EDD by phone that can actually help you is mostly not going to happen. Again, in the best of times, the front-line person you first talk with is not even able to access your EDD account information – they’re gatekeepers who will pass your info on making you wait more for a call back.

  42. I filed a claim 3/16/20 , the first day I was laid off due to Covid 19. First my claim was disqualified, then the status changed to pending. When I tried to certify for the following week, one of the questions asked if I am still caring for an ill family member, it indicated their records show I may have applied for PFL also. I have not intentionally filed a PFL claim. Has this happened to anyone else ? I have called over 200 times in the last week attempting to speak to a rep at EDD , I have not been able to get through

    • Yes its weird when I certified for my EDD this week, it asked me if I am still disabled and if doctor released me? I haven’t got or applied for disability since mid 2017, so weird, did you ever figure anything out?

  43. Filed a claim on 4/1/2020. Did not received any confirmation about my claim.
    I tried to call EDD for information but their system is unreachable, no way of contacting anyone. I just have one question, did they receive my claim and how (email, mail) and when will I receive my EDD Customer Account number? I cannot access my account without this number. Is it so hard for EDD to automatically email back telling the recipient they received their claim? For all I know my claim was never received online.
    What a system..

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  45. My employer laid us off March 19th. There was a company meeting telling everyone to go home till further notice. I work in Telemarketing for Collection Agency, I call businesses to sign them on for services. None of us were given the option in the meeting to work from home. They are still functioning with a few employees but never gave us any options to do so. When I call their recording reassures everyone they are working remotely but they really are in the office. In the meeting they said only management would be working but that’s not the case.

  46. I am 67 yrs old. I called my employer 3/17 to advise I would be taking the day off to figure out my options due to Covid-19. On 3/18 my supervisor called me and said they were closing for 3 weeks due to virus. I applied for UI and have received card and payment on it. Today I call my employer (3 weeks later) and they said they are open as they are an essential business. I am a flooring installer and some homes are occupied.

    I don’t feel comfortable going back yet. The governors requested anyone over 65 to home isolate. I am not using the UI funds yet which I need but don’t want any issues later. I cannot reach EDD, and my situation does not fit into any of their pre recorder or posted help topics.

    I am in need of reply ASAP as I don’t know if I must report for work or???

    • Brad, you received the funds for the previous two weeks you were not working.. so that shouldn’t be an issue. I think if you go back to work, you’ll have to report those wages during the next cycle of certification.

      If you are not comfortable going back to work, I would tell your supervisor that. If you take off two weeks, you can get the next batch of payments. Possibly return to work after then?

  47. I filed online with the instructions that we’re giving for self employed filing and my response was I got $0.00

  48. I filed on 3/15/2020, I received an award letter for $450/ week and I received a note saying I had to mail them back copies of my ID, that was on 3/26/2020. I have not received any other mail/letter; however, my EDD online shows I am disqualified from receiving benefits, now out of work for 1 month and no explanation of disqualification and cannot get in touch with anyone at EDD. In order to file an appeal, I need to have the reason for disqualification but I have none…EDD has sent nothing…

    • Same boat as Aimee and many others. Filed claim, approved, and then disqualified. Can’t reach anyone for an answer since March 19th.

    • Something similar happened to me. It took me months to resolve the issue, which included a hearing with an administrative judge following my appeal to their disqualification.

      What happened in my case is someone internally at the EDD was taking my ID documents and making low quality copies and sending that over to another office to validate identification. The quality of the ID reproduction they made, then sent was so bad that my information was not recognizable. Every piece of communication I was getting from EDD was telling me I was disqualified because they couldn’t validate me and I didn’t send the documents they requested (even though they never told me what lack of documentation was occurring). Then at the administrative hearing, they give you a few minutes to review your documentation beforehand. After reviewing it, I became aware that I was sending them everything they requested but when I saw the copies they made from my documents, the problem was all to apparent.

      If you get to talk to someone at EDD , ask about this. Else, you’ll get it appealed at the administrative hearing. Just be prepared with the proper documentation.

  49. I accidentally forgot to put my independent contractor earnings on my UI application. Now the status says “pending” and I think they are going on my old employers pay info. I quit that job because they knocked my hours down drastically and had no choice. I checked the disaster box in my claim thinking that would qualify me. Now I am pretty sure based on everyone’s comments that I’ll be denied benefits. My status has been “pending” for about 3 days.

  50. My hours were reduced due to COVID19. I qualified for $450 a week but when I entered my gross earnings, it said excessive earnings then later received a message that nothing will be paid out to me for the two weeks I certified. Working reduced hours does not pay the rent and other bills. Does the CARES Act help people in this situation?

    • It sounds like you applied for benefits prior to CoVid19 and received award letter 450.00 a week and then started working again earning an income beyond 450.00 a week. I simply don’t know what you can do in your case.

  51. Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits if my work remains open but I don’t to go to work because I am scared to be exposed in the virus. I work as a restaurant manager.

  52. Everyone that is in the same boat as I am with penalty weeks here is a petition going around go sign to waive edd false statement penalty weeks during covid 19 for claimants in good standing! Let’s get the word out there!

    • Hey mary I went through the same thing. I filed for benefits on 12/15/19 and I just received my first payment on 4/5/20. 4 months I had to wait due to penalty weeks. It made me homeless. Will I also get an additional $600/week between 3/29/20-7/31/20?

  53. I filed for uib on 12/15/19 and because of penalty weeks and a $575 overpayment I just received my first payment on 4/5/20. My question is for those that were already on unemployment prior to covid-19, do we also get an additional $600/we from 3/29/20-7/31/20? Edd has changed my cert requirement to just being available to work instead of having to look for work.

  54. How do I claim wagers paid to me for work I was scheduled for. Employer paid employees for the remainder of the mth. We closed down due to covid-19 on 3/10. Company paid us to 3/30 (good will gesture) which was much appreciated. What do I list payment as? Back pay, or ?

  55. Good morning! For the first time in my life I filed for unemployment on 3/15/20 and have now been certified from 3/15/20-4/11/20 and my status is pending! I’m told the amount I will receive but have yet to be paid.. I’m 69 years old with COPD so yes Covid 19 has had a major impact on work! How long will I remain on pending status?? I am sorry to see so many people placed in limbo by Edd ! I realize Edd is overwhelmed but people should not have to go thru such a grind to recieve their benefits! I am clueless to why I have not been approved for my first 2 weeks yet & now I certified yesterday for the next 2 weeks with all 4 weeks now on “pending “! Can anybody give me an answer to that?

  56. I’m 69 years old with copd so of course my working ability has been effected by this pandemic! I filed on 3/15/20 and have now certified from 3/15/20-4/11/20 and all 4 weeks status is on “pending “! My benefit amount of $415.00 is indicated but I have yet to b paid! Can someone explain the pending status?

  57. Filed for unemployment benefits as a self employed business owner, clicked the “i didn’t look for work” button as of course no one is, now no benefits??! WTF? Am I supposed to lie??! Then I try to call and of course they don’t take calls. Total BS. Any suggestions anyone?

  58. My UI benefits were exhausted in mid-Feb 2020. I was hired by Macy’s department store and was furloughed completely off work 10 days later due to COVID-19. I tried to file a new claim but was not allowed because it says that I have to wait until July 2020 before I can file a new claim. What do I do? I am not working and Macy’s do not have a date when the store will be reopened. I have called the only two Toll Free numbers available to no avail. I have sent messages via my only EDD account but no one has responded.

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    Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.
    Contact Name : Blaine Lorcan
    Contact Email:
    WhatsApp: +1(501)420-4128

  60. Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits if my work remains open but I don’t want to go to work because I am scared to be exposed in the virus. I am still employed tho.

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