Port of Redwood City continues maritime operations, increases preventative measures due to coronavirus

Port of Redwood City continues maritime operations with added precaution

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An essential service, the Port of Redwood City is continuing usual shipping operations during the regional shelter-in-place order prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, but with extra precaution, according to Port officials.

“Our operations team is working closely with the United States Coast Guard to monitor the shipments that come through the Port as a precautionary measure,” said Brandon Chapman, the Port operations manager.

While the administrative office at the Port remains in operation, the building is closed to the general public. Public facilities such as restrooms along the waterfront have also been closed.

Currently, the Port’s FEMA federal staging area remains on standby for the movement of supplies and emergency responders. The Port does not facilitate cruise operations, therefore, no cruise ships are docked in Redwood City.

Last fiscal year, the Port handled 2.65 million metric tons of cargo, generating $9.3 million in operating revenue, including materials for the building and construction industries.

For more information and updates, visit the Port website here.

Photo credit: Rafael Lima