San Carlos brewery, wine cellar produce hand sanitizer for first responders

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Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company has partnered with Cuvée Wine Cellars to produce hand sanitizer to distribute to city organizations.

The San Carlos brewery at 935 Washington St. has manufactured over 100 gallons of hand sanitizer, Co-owner and CEO Chris Garrett said.

Garrett said they’ve received over 2,000 orders for hand sanitizer from local law enforcement and fire departments.

“We’re working closely with Paul Rogerville at Cuvée Wine Cellars to source ingredients,” he said.

As demand for hand sanitizer ingredients increase, resources are becoming scarce.

“We’d like to source these ingredients locally, but with the lack of resources we must search nationally,” Garrett said. “Currently we are receiving products from Kentucky and Texas.”

On Tuesday, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office thanked the brewery in a Facebook video post


“The kick-off batch will be made for first responders to help deputies be equipped with the necessary items to help keep themselves and the community safe,” the post stated, adding, “We are here for San Mateo County and we appreciate the community being here for us. Together we can get through this.”

The brewery responded in a post to say, “We’re always happy to support our community.”

“We extend a huge thank you to the Sheriff’s Department for everything they’re doing to keep the community healthy and safe in times like these,” the brewery stated, adding, “If you and your families are in need of sanitizer, the locally produced batches will be available on the DCBC online store soon.”

The posts by the brewery and sheriff’s office ended with the hashtag: #SMCStrong.

Meanwhile, Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company is not leaving beer lovers behind. It is still offering to-go and delivery options. Orders can be placed over the phone, (650) 592-2739, or online.


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