Peninsula Clean Energy providing $100 credit to the bills of about 30K low-income customers

Peninsula Clean Energy providing $100 credit to the bills of about 30K low-income customers

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Peninsula Clean Energy recently announced it provide roughly 30,000 low-income customers with $100 credit that will appear on their bills this month.

This one-time credit, approved by PCE’s board on March 26, will be automatically applied to the bills of County residents who are covered under the California alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) or Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) rate plans as of March 20. The grants will provide about $3 million in short-term relief to those affected by Coronavirus induced business shutdowns.

“With many of our customers facing shuttered workplaces and heightened anxiety about paying their bills, we hope this can provide some support during this difficult time,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said.

Customers on CARE or FERA rate plans as of March 20 do not need to take further action, and will automatically receive this credit. Community members who want to learn to qualify for CARE’s monthly discount of at least 20 percent on gas and electricity or FERA’s monthly discount of 18 percent on electricity can click here for more information.

Photo of the 200-MW Wright Solar, posted on the Peninsula Clean Energy Facbeook page.


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