San Mateo County poets ‘Reading for Hope’

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San Mateo County Libraries and San Mateo County Poet Laureate Aileen Cassinetto have launched Reading for Hope, a series of videos where local writers read poems about hope during the COVID-19 shelter in place period.

The idea helps promote poetry while spreading positivity and joy during a difficult time.

Poets Aileen Cassinetto, Caroline Goodwin (the first San Mateo County Poet Laureate), Lisa Rosenberg (pictured above), and Belmont Poet Laureate Jacki Rigoni have already submitted videos of themselves readings poetry. You can find their videos here.

Recently, Poet Laureate Aileen Cassinetto shared her poem “Love in the Time of COVID-19” at a San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meeting.  You can find her poem here.