A Star Wars-themed thank you to San Mateo Medical Center staff battling COVID-19

A Star Wars-themed thank you to San Mateo Medical Center staff battling COVID-19

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The force is with frontline healthcare workers in San Mateo County.

Today, local leaders joined the police and fire departments and other county first responders today to honor San Mateo Medical Center staff during their battle against COVID-19.

Congressperson Speier came dressed as  Queen Amidala for the grand gesture of gratitude, which had the “May the 4th be with you” Stars Wars theme. State Sen. Jerry Hill,  Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, County Manager Mike Callagy and even McGruff the Jedi Knight participated.

“We’re here today to say thank you to these extraordinary heroes of America,” Speier said. “And the first responders of San Mateo and other cities in the area joined with us to make sure they realize that we recognize that what they’re doing is putting their lives on the line to save lives.”

The San Mateo Medical Center “has been here for the poor and oppressed for so long, we wanted to make sure they were recognized,” the congressperson added.

In a Facebook post, the San Mateo Police Department echoed the bravery of healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. SMPD were joined by Belmont and Foster City police and local firefighters in honoring healthcare workers.

“Social distancing was very important to us and as our friends in healthcare told us, it is very difficult for them to social distance as they are in close contact with patients regularly (as the nature of their job doesn’t allow for distancing), but we still made sure all attendees of our caravan were suited up with masks and gloves and were spaced at distances appropriate,” the police department stated. “The hospital staff was free to roam between us. Even McGruff has a mask over his nose.”

Photo credit: San Mateo Police Department

Thank you San Mateo Medical Center Workers!

With a "May the 4th be with you" theme, San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, San Mateo Police Department and surrounding first responders up bright and early this morning cheered and thanked San Mateo Medical Center frontline workers for their hard work during the COVID-19 response.San Mateo County Health San Mateo County Health Foundation

Posted by County of San Mateo – Government on Monday, May 4, 2020