Donations to San Mateo Strong Fund top $8.2M

Donations to San Mateo Strong Fund top $8.2M

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More than 1,000 donors have contributed a total of $8.2 million to the San Mateo County Strong Fund, which provides emergency relief grants to individuals and families, small businesses and nonprofit groups impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to organizers of the Fund.

The Fund was created less than two months ago, with the County contributing $3 million in seed money from the Measure K local sales tax. Fund donations are directed to three categories: individuals and families to help cover basic household expenses, small businesses to help them avoid layoffs, stay open or reopen, and nonprofit organizations that provide services to the county’s most vulnerable residents.

“We are pleased to see that so many donors have opened their checkbooks to help those who are really struggling during this unprecedented pandemic,” said Warren Slocum, president of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. “Every dollar donated to the San Mateo County Strong Fund goes to those most in need. Seeing our community pull together like this – neighbor helping neighbor – is heartwarming and so important.

The Fund is still raising money to support residents in need. Those interested in making a donation should visit the San Mateo County Strong website.