Program that pays local eateries to deliver to seniors sees early enrollment surge

Program that pays local eateries to deliver to seniors sees enrollment surge

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In just a few weeks, over 500 older residents have enrolled in a program that delivers three nutritious meals daily to their home from a local restaurant or food provider.

San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum said the early enrollment surge in the Great Plates Delivered Program, launched earlier this month, highlights the need for basic necessities like meals. The program reimburses local businesses that deliver three daily, nutritious meals to eligible residents who are quarantining at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Thanks to this program, these vulnerable residents can remain healthy and nourished at home and minimize risks to their health during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Slocum said.

The program has also been good for struggling businesses, County officials said. One participating restaurant owner says Great Plates will allow him to avoid laying off a longterm employee and father of free from his restaurant, according to Lisa Mancini, director of Aging and Adult Services who is leading the program’s implementation.

“It is very important to highlight the human impact of this program” Mancini said. “Behind the numbers there are personal stories that don’t often see the light of day.”

Eligible residents include adults 65 and older as well as high-risk adults between 60-64 who are COVID-19 positive or have been exposed to COVID-19. Additionally, the recipient must live alone or with one other eligible adult, cannot currently be receiving assistance from other state or federal nutrition assistance program, and must earn less than 600 percent of the federal poverty limit.

San Mateo County Health encourages eligible residents to call (800) 675-8437 and speak to multi-lingual county staff to apply for the meal delivery services.

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