San Mateo County declares end of state of emergency due to COVID-19

What can reopen today: San Mateo County enters Phase 2

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San Mateo County today aligned with Phase 2 of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s gradual reopening of the economy.

While shelter-in-place restrictions largely remain in place, here’s what is allowed to reopen at this time as long as social-distancing and other guidelines are followed:


Under the county’s amended order, retail stores such as bookstores, jewelry stores, toy stores, clothing and shoe stores, home and furnishing stores, sporting goods stores, and florists can reopen for curbside or outside pickup only. Supply chains related to those retail outlets, including manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics, can also resume with restrictions.

Customers must not enter these stores and workers must adhere to the social distancing protocols, the county states. The pickup operations must not block access or create congestion on sidewalks or streets. Retail stores cannot reopen if they operate in an enclosed indoor shopping center that doesn’t provide outdoor access for pickups.

Other businesses that may resume operations: pet grooming, dog walking, car washes, appliance repair, and residential and janitorial cleaning and plumbing, as they don’t require close contact.


Outdoor museums can open, as long as staff and customers wear face coverings at all times, but all indoor areas must remain closed, per the order.


Offices can reopen even if they are not considered essential businesses, but “only for persons who cannot perform their job duties from home” and as long as social distancing is employed, face coverings are worn and there is minimal contact with members of the public.


Under the new order, residents are longer prohibited from staying within 10 miles of their homes for recreational travel. However, on the coast, limits have been placed on access to coastal areas west of Highway 1 to reduce large gatherings. “All public access to parks, trails, and beaches west of Highway 1 must be initiated from one’s residence and may not involve the use of a motor vehicle to travel (unless necessary to accommodate a physical impairment where the individual’s residence is within reasonable walking distance of the beach),” according to the County.

Both indoors and outdoor pools are allowed open under strict conditions, including that facilities “are used only by members of the same household or in a manner that ensures that social distancing, face covering, and all other requirements.”

Remaining closed: Playgrounds, gym equipment, climbing walls, picnic areas, dog pars, spas and barbecue areas (areas with high-touch equipment).


“Progress on COVID-19 indicators related to hospital utilization and capacity makes it appropriate, at this time, to allow certain additional businesses and activities to resume with conditions,” said San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow. “But I want to remind everyone these modifications to the shelter in place order are not being made because it is safe to be out and about. The virus continues to circulate in our community, and this increase in interactions among people is likely to spread the virus at a higher rate.”

The full order can be viewed here. For more information, go to the San Mateo County Health site here.

As of Sunday, May 17, the County has recorded 1,671 confirmed cases an 66 deaths. Currently, 54 confirmed cases are hospitalized. More updated data can be viewed here.