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San Mateo County extends residential and commercial eviction ban through June 30

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On Tuesday, May 26, The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted to extend the county’s moratorium on evictions due to non-payment of rent from May 31 to June 30 for both residential and commercial tenants who have been affected by the hardships of COVID-19.

This extension gives families and tenants “a roadmap to work under during these very difficult situations” and at the least gives people a bit more time to get things back to normal, assuming that the health order cooperates, Supervisor Warren Slocum said.

In order to receive the 90-day extension, tenants will need to provide written documentation demonstrating financial hardship due to COVID-19 or the Shelter-In-Place order to their landlord. If tenants continue to experience hardship and they can prove continued hardship beyond 90 days, they will be given an additional 90 days, for a total six months, per the new extension.

The Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of extending the evictions ban even longer than June 30 and plan to reevaluate the extension during their meeting on June 23rd.

Once the emergency ordinance expires, the tenant is required to repay missed rent within 90 days. Those unable to pay the entirety of missed rent within 90 days and can demonstrate continued financial hardship may be granted an additional 30 days repeatedly, up to a total of 180 days, the ordinance states.

For more information on the current San Mateo County eviction ban extension, visit here.