Redwood City police chief reacts to George Floyd's death

Redwood City police chief reacts to George Floyd’s death

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Redwood City police Chief Dan Mulholland posted a statement to social media today about the death of George Floyd. Here it is in full:

“The death of Mr. George Floyd while in the custody of members of the Minneapolis Police Department is tragic and shocking. Like you I was both outraged and angered by the images of his detention and I applaud the quick response by Minneapolis Chief of Police Medaria Arrandondo to hold those responsible for their action or inaction. I offer my condolences to the Floyd family and I encourage those of us who are hurt and angered by this event to find peaceful ways to unify and heal from this tragedy. Additional violence and destruction is not the answer and only serves to further erode who we are and what we stand for as a society. The actions of a few have tarnished the image of law enforcement professionals across our great nation and I am saddened by the loss of life and community trust caused by events such as this. The actions of others do not reflect the ethics and high professional standards of the men and women of the Redwood City Police Department. We take great pride in our delivery of exceptional public safety service and serve by our motto of:

‘Providing Excellent Service with Integrity and Respect.’

These words are written above the doorway of our employee entrance at the police facility and serve as a constant reminder to staff of our daily mission. Our delivery of public safety service is carried out in partnership with the Community of Redwood City, a partnership that is based upon familiarity, transparency and trust. We are a group of highly dedicated public safety professionals who stand ready to serve this amazing and diverse community. We are your police department and we are grateful for the trust and incredible support we receive from the Community of Redwood City. We are stronger together and I encourage you to join my family and me as we pray for safety, unity, calm and healing.”