Climate Invites Readers to Submit Their “American Stories”

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Climate will be devoting much of the July issue to a big subject—What makes America special?—and is inviting readers to submit their own, personal responses to that question.

The topic is huge, and contributors can focus on any aspect of living in America or being an American that is particularly meaningful to them.

It could, for example, be a chapter from the country’s history or a founding principle of American government. The stories might also be about an aspect of culture, sports, the arts, education, cuisine or hobbies.

Perhaps there’s a hero or a celebrity, a leader or artist who embodies what makes America great, or an ideal or a uniquely American characteristic. These mini essays might even deal with the writer’s own personal story about what it means to be an American. Contributors should speak from the heart and tell their stories in their own voice.

The sky’s the limit, but not the length. The stories can be between 150 to 400 words, and they must be received by June 15. Submissions should be sent to The stories that are published in Climate magazine will be selected by the editors, and will be subject to editing.

Public Fourth of July celebrations may have been canceled, but Climate encourages readers to exercise their freedom of expression—in 400 or word or less.