Caltrain to install 632 bike e-lockers by 2023

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Berkeley-based eLock Technologies, LLC will install a minimum of 632 electronic bicycle lockers at Caltrain stations by the end of 2023, according to Caltrain.

The transit agency’s Board of Directors approved the contract, which includes an option to purchase up to an additional 718 e-lockers depending on customer demand and available funding. The contract is not to exceed $4.5 million.

The e-lockers allow bicylists to securely park their bike at stations for 5 cents per hour through either a prepaid BikeLink card or Clipper card, according to Caltrain. They are significantly more customer-friendly and efficient than the individually-assigned keyed lockers used today, the transit agency said.

Currently, there are about 825 keyed lockers in the system, down from about 1,100 keyed lockers in 2017. At that time, the keyed lockers were fully rented but only 16 percent were occupied. The e-lockers that have been installed for more than a year, by contrast, are regularly more than 75 percent occupied, according to 2019 occupancy data. E-lockers are more actively used than keyed lockers because they are first come, first served, the transit agency said.

Nearly 500 of the keyed lockers will be removed during the installation of the first 632 e-lockers.

About 10 percent of Caltrain customers bring their bike onboard, which pre-pandemic amounted to about 10,000 bicyclists every weekday.

The e-locker contract is part of Caltrain’s commitment to invest at least $3 million in wayside bicycle improvements to accompany electrification of the system.

“This investment was made possible in part by grant funding from California‚Äôs Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District,” according to Caltrain.