Where should cannabis retail stores be allowed to locate in Redwood City?

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The question of where storefront retail cannabis businesses should be allowed to operate in Redwood City will discussed at a virtual Planning Commission meeting set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15.

On Aug. 24, the City Council set forth a process to allow up to six such businesses to operate in the city and to allow them to also conduct deliveries within zoning districts that permit general retail. The businesses must operate at least 600 feet from schools, parks and other sensitive uses.

City staff and council is recommending allowing retail cannabis stores to be located in all of Redwood City’s zoning districts that already permit general retail.  They’re also recommending to allow retail in certain industrial zones “if the space was greater than 30,000 square feet,” which is the current threshold for general retail use in those zones.

To virtually attend Tuesday’s Planning Commission meeting, click here. For more information, go here.


  1. The lot right next to 101 where Big 5 used to be is a great empty big lot with tons of old stores and it’s far away from schools and parks. Seems like a great spot.

  2. This is an absurd!!!
    The proponents water it down as something that is no harm to the communities which is a liar. There will be an irreversible negative consequence if the cannabis/marijuana/narcotic drug stores are allowed to open in Redwood City or any other cities.

  3. I only do delivery these days but I’m so happy for Redwood City. Medical marijuana patients will have easier access to buy their medicine. I hate that people vote for legalization and then have a NIMBY attitude. Good luck to the dispensaries opening!

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