5th Chase the Chill nets record number of handmade items

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The Redwood City community went all out for the 5th Annual Chase the Chill. On Monday, volunteers hung up hundreds of handmade scarves, socks, gloves, hats — and for the first time this year, masks — at 18 sites around the city. Per usual, each item was tagged with a note encouraging people who need or want it to keep it.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and perhaps in part because of it, a record 865 handmade items were produced by community members for this year’s effort, organizer Jodi Paley said.

“With everybody staying home, I think that was part of it,” Paley said about the high number of donated items.

With fewer seniors frequenting the senior centers, Chase the Chill volunteers took a large number of hats and handed them out to seniors in the lunch line at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center, Paley said. They also delivered scarves to seniors getting lunches at Casa de Redwoods.

“We had a great group of makers, taggers and hangers, and a shout out to Chris Beth and the [Parks, Recreation and Community Services] staff for all their support,” Paley said.

In its first year, Chase the Chill began with scarves and encouraged volunteers to knit about 300. The program has since added hats, socks, gloves and masks. In years two through four, the program collected roughly 600 items per year.

For those who want to participate in future Chase the Chill efforts, follow this Facebook page for updates. Paley said folks can contact her through Facebook for any yarn to start making things for next year.

“And, if they don’t know how to knit or crochet, they can buy fleece from Joann’s or Michael’s to cut into scarves,” Paley said.

Photos courtesy of Chase the Chill RWC