Caltrain to offer free rides for New Year's Eve revelers

Caltrain extends 2020 Go Pass through March, to sell 2021 pass at discount

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The 2020 Go Pass has been extended through March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Caltrain.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Go Pass will be sold at a 25 percent discount to a pro-rated cost to account for its shorter duration and the uncertainty of the its usage amid the pandemic, the transit agency said. Caltrain’s Board of Directors voted in favor of the plan today.

The Go Pass program allows companies, educational institutions and residential complexes to purchase annual unlimited-ride passes for eligible employees, residents or students.

“The new policy now allows Go Pass purchasers to distribute unused Go Passes to on-site contracted staff, part-time employees, graduate and post-doctoral students, and qualified not-for-profit organizations, helping to encourage equity in the system,” the transit agency said.

In addition, Caltrain, which is in the process of installing electronic bicycle lockers system-wide, changed the system’s bike parking fees. The standard fee for a locker will be $.05 per hour and available on a first come, first served basis.

“In the past, Caltrain rented lockers out to bike riders at a rate of $33 for six months, but research has shown that on demand lockers would better suit their needs,” the transit agency said. More information about accessing and using the e-lockers is available at

Photo credit: Caltrain