Redwood City ferry service by 2024? It’s possible

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On Monday, Redwood City’s council will vote on whether to accept a recently-released study showing that ferry service to and from the city is feasible.

If the council accepts the draft Ferry Financial Feasibility Study & Cost-Benefit and Economic Impact Analyses, which was completed over several years, the project would move into the next phase, which is a business development plan, according to the city.

“Assuming funding for each step in the process and best-case delivery times, ferry service could start as early as 2024,” city staff said.

The city has been pursuing ferry service for commuter and recreational purposes for years. In 2012, Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), which operates San Francisco Bay Ferry Service, and the Port of Redwood City determined the best location of a potential ferry terminal was at the end of Seaport Boulevard. In 2018, the city received $450,000 in Measure A Ferry Program Funding to conduct the feasibility study.

Monday’s council meeting starts at 6 p.m. To view on Zoom, join and use meeting ID 921 0957 4967.

Photo credit: San Francisco Bay Ferry


  1. Sean; It would likely connect with the other ferry ports for the san francisco ferry service ( sf ferry building, richmond, vallejo, oakland, south san francisco, etc)

  2. There might not be much demand from SF, but you could see service from East Bay like Oakland / Alameda or Vallejo where between the shorter path and lack of bridge tolls/delays will make this trip time competitive.

  3. The council does not have jurisdiction, it’s the Port. This would never fly in Oakland or SF or SanDiego, or Stockton, or L.A. The Council has NOTHING to do with Port matters, it’s in the charter. Just more overreaching BS. The Port is qualified to handle this alone. Climate better stop censoring me or I’ll take it to court.

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