Meet Burlingame’s ‘Mean Green Mowing Machine’

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The “Mean Green Mowing Machine” not only seems fun to drive, it’s also better for the environment and far less noisy.

Burlingame’s Parks Division recently showed off its new all-electric, battery-powered lawnmower being used to trim smaller or medium-sized lawn areas.

The new mower, which has solar panels attached to its canopy, can run a full charge for eight hours and is 70 percent more efficient than traditional combustion-powered lawn equipment and also costs 95 percent less to operate, the city said.

Neighbors will also appreciate that it is half as noisy as a traditional mower.

“This mower joins the fleet of other energy efficient equipment including several electric blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and a walk-behind mower,” the Parks Division said. “As the Parks Division replaces older equipment, consideration is given to the environmental impact of each purchase including efficiency, emissions, noise pollution, and long-term maintenance costs.”

Photo credit: Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department