Judge orders Pacifica Beach Yoga to shut down for defying health order

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A San Mateo County Superior Court judge on Thursday ordered Pacifica Beach Yoga to immediately shut down for repeatedly holding indoor “mask-free” classes and for failing to require staff and patrons to wear face coverings, the County announced Thursday.

Pacifica Beach Yoga owner Thomas Antoon has been openly defiant of the COVID-19 public health order rules, posting on Jan. 11, “Open for business mask free, fear free, coward free come one come all.” The County’s COVID Business Compliance Team, which is tasked with ensuring businesses are complying with public health orders, received 26 online complaints since late October against the business about health order violations, the County said. After multiple visits and warnings, the business was issued a $250 citation on Nov. 14. Subsequent fines since then now amount to $3,750.

As a result of repeated defiance, the County filed suit against against Pacifica Beach Yoga requesting a temporary restraining order forcing the business to shut down. On Thursday, Judge Danny Chou granted the County’s request for a temporary restraining order. A hearing on the preliminary injunction is set for Feb. 4, “at which time the court will evaluate the continuing need for the injunction,” the County said.

“This business has left us no choice,” San Mateo County Counsel John Beiers said. “Our community rightly expects that when its state government imposes shelter in place laws, those laws will be enforced justly and equitably to ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules.”

Pacifica Beach Yoga is the first business in San Mateo County facing legal action by the County for failing to follow health order rules.

Photo: Google Maps