Burlingame to allow cannabis delivery businesses in city

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Burlingame City Council last week unanimously approved allowing non-storefront cannabis delivery businesses to operate in some of the city’s industrial districts.

The ordinance, which the council passed 5-0 on Feb. 1, enables cannabis deliver services for the first time to operate in the Rollin Road and Inner Bayshore districts, but not the North Rollins Road Mixed Use District, which is classified as a live/work area that allows residential uses.

The new regulations prohibit any of the businesses from selling cannabis on site, and for security purposes the businesses are prohibited from displaying any external signage at its property or on its delivery vehicles and from advertising its business address.

The council is considering capping the number of non-storefront cannabis delivery businesses allowed to operate in the city at four. All prospective businesses must receive a conditional use permit from the Planning Commission to operate.

Councilmembers expressed support for allowing non-storefront cannabis delivery businesses on the grounds that it would reduce carbon footprint from out-of-town deliveries coming into the city and welcome new jobs and sales tax revenue.

Burlingame is the latest San Mateo County city to lift restrictions on cannabis businesses operating in the city. Brisbane currently allows cannabis testing, distribution, manufacturing and sales and delivery; Redwood City permits cannabis nurseries, sales and delivery and up to six storefront retail businesses; and South San Francisco permits cannabis manufacturing, testing, distribution, indoor personal and commercial cultivation, and sales and delivery, depending on the zoning district.

Photo by Elsa Olofsson from Pexels