Recreation Specialist Chris Bates

Belmont hosts first youth auto clinic

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Who needs an auto mechanic when your children know how to change the flat tire or air filter on the family car?

On Feb 27, the Belmont from 3-6pm, City of Belmont Recreation Specialist Chris Bates hosted the city’s first Youth Auto Clinic, which taught 10 youth a number of skills that many adults wish they would have learned at their age.

The fully-booked youth auto clinic included safety instructions for working on a car.

“We split the day into three categories, reading, learning videos, and hands-on tutorials,” the Belmont City Manager’s newsletter’s states. “Each participant got a chance to change a windshield wiper blade and learn the basics of how to use a socket. Also, how to change an air filter, and very importantly, how to change a tire. The program wrapped up by doing a full-service oil change.”

The clinic was among a number of fun workshops held by the city’s Parks and Recreation department. Upcoming clinics offer instruction on home bartending.

Photo credited to the City of Belmont