San Mateo police Lt. Ryan Monaghan to become Tiburon police chief

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San Mateo police Lt. Ryan Monaghan will be the next police chief for Tiburon starting April 5, ending service to the City of San Mateo that began back in 1990, when he served as a lifeguard and member of the Harbor Patrol for the city.

Credited with prioritizing community policing strategies and overseeing successful initiatives to improve field officer training and enhance community outreach efforts with local youth, Monaghan served as a volunteer police cadet with SMPD before being hired into the department as police officer in 1994, according to the City of San Mateo. He was promoted to sergeant in 2006, and then lieutenant in 2014. He’s served in a variety of assignments, from traffic unit to detective to  the crime reduction unit and SWAT. He was one of the original members of the San Mateo County Terrorism Counter Assault Team, and the first Terrorism Liaison Officer.

While serving the Investigations Bureau, Monaghan formed a team of detectives with specialized training to conduct follow up investigations and outreach efforts for domestic violence incidents, work that would inspire Countywide response to such incidents, and was part of a team to implement law enforcement trainings related to domestic violence and domestic violence strangulation.

As  a result of this work, Monaghan received the 2017 San Mateo County of Board of Supervisors Barbara Hammerman Award.

And these are only some of the accomplishments Monaghan was  credited with during his 27-year tenure in San Mateo.

“Congratulations Ryan on your new appointment as Police Chief for the Town of Tiburon,” the San Mateo Police Department said in a statement. “We are all very proud of you!”

Photo courtesy of San Mateo Police Department