San Carlos School District set to return full time in Fall, Trustee Carol Elliot Resigns

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The San Carlos School District School Board gave direction to return to school full time in Fall while also abandoning any additional advancement to return this school year. The District has opened up for some in person instruction this year, but far from full time and less than enough to satisfy parents seeking a full return.

Board President Neil Layton seemed to resign himself to the staff recommendations, but advocated that staff look to pilot some additional back to school to advance the progress made. Superintended Dr. Michelle Harmeier was less than enthusiastic about the possibility due to staff fatigue and equity concerns.

The take away from the meeting is that the District will go about addressing staffing levels, operational concerns and furniture acquisitions for a full return in the fall. The added expenses to the District will exceed $1 million for the next school year and could be paid for by a combination of state and federal school relief funds and bond money available for capital improvements.

While the direction has been firmly established, members of the parent group Reopening San Carlos Schools where less than satisfied with the outcome and were not giving up their advocacy in pursuit of a full return to campus this school year.

Earlier in the day, the District announced that Trustee Carol Elliott will be resigning from her SCSD School Board seat effective May 6, 2021. Carol has been a longtime member of the SCSD School Board, having served for nearly 11 years.

As a Board Member, Carol helped guide the District in its creation of a strategic plan through their Strategic Plan Committee and their design through its Strategic Facilities Master planning committee. Not only was Carol a Board Member, but she served as Board President twice.

Carol has been, “a lifelong advocate for public education and I have personally watched her push County and State leaders to properly fund public education and commit to equal access for all” said Neil Layton San Carlos School Board President.

“The simple way to put it is the San Carlos School District is better off for having Carol’s dedication to our kids and our schools. Carol will be missed, and the Board wishes her the best in her next endeavors, but knows she will always continue to play an active role in the San Carlos School District,” said Layton.

The Board, at its regular meeting on Thursday, April 22, we begin the process to fill the impending board vacancy. Per Education Code, the Board must either order a special election or make a provisional appointment within 60 days.