San Mateo County Parks to extend hours

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San Mateo County Parks will extend hours at its parks starting Friday, April 16, closing at 7 p.m. rather than the current 5 p.m.

Starting May 1, park hours will be extended to 8 p.m., County officials said.

In addition, group picnic reservations are being accepted for May 1 through June 14. Drop-in picnic sites continue to be open.

As we previously reported, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve reopens with modifications on Monday, May 3.

On Friday, May 28, Memorial Park will welcome back campers (make your reservations here).


  1. I’d feel better about this if San Mateo County Park employees were prioritized for covid-19 vaccination as has been the case for all other first responders. It doesn’t feel fair, Parks workers have never had the option of working remotely. They show up every day and no one has questions? I do!?

  2. It’s good that the parks will soon be able to work longer, but I am just as concerned about the same question as the author above, I think I need to be honest and I think it’s understandable that there is no remote work for the park workers. Thank you for this notification. My website is

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