Street Life Ministries seeks volunteers to assist as its homeless services expand

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Street Life Ministries is on the lookout for volunteers to help serve people in Redwood City facing homelessness, a population the nonprofit organization says has tripled since the advent of the pandemic.

Each week from Monday through Thursday, Street Life Ministries offers food, clothing, music and an encouraging sermon to people experiencing homelessness. Due to the great demand for their services, the organization plans to expand its intervention to Monday through Friday starting July 16. However, in order to make that goal a reality, volunteer drivers, cooks and servers are needed.

“This is a team effort. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and it definitely takes a village to lift someone off the streets. Every little piece of love that is poured into this is felt and it does make a difference,” stated Pastor David Shearin of Street Life Ministries via Facebook.

According to Pastor Shearin, here’s a rundown of the three main positions requiring volunteers:

Servers are needed to interact with local neighbors facing homelessness and serve them food. “You have the opportunity to smile, serve and talk to people who usually get ignored. You might be the only person who smiled at them all day,” stated the pastor. Those wanting to volunteer as servers can click here to sign up for a time slot on Friday nights.

Drivers are needed to pick up food from a local kitchen, transport it to Street Life Ministries, help serve the food and then return food containers to the kitchen. “This takes a few hours and is more of a commitment, but you play a crucial role, and you get a lot of opportunities to talk and pray with people,” stated Pastor Shearin. Anyone interested in signing up to volunteer as a driver on Friday nights can click here to complete the form.

Cooks are also needed to work behind-the-scenes to prepare food—some of whom cook from home, others who do accent cooking and others who clean up. “This is CRUCIAL work,” stated Pastor Shearin. “The cooks are a jolly group of people who want to give and are okay with not getting all the attention.” To volunteer as a cook on Friday nights, click here and fill out the form.

Anyone unable to volunteer in person, but who wants to help, can do so by supporting Street Life Ministries with a donation. Learn more about the organization’s work here.