Arrested Oakland man had ‘made himself comfy’ at San Mateo home

in Crime

An Oakland man allegedly broke into a home on the unit block of 14th Avenue in San Mateo on Wednesday night and “made himself comfy,” according to police, helping himself to food and liquor and watching TV before making off with a pair of shoes and some mail.

Theodore Strong, 36, then went on to cause a disturbance at a nearby business and when contacted by officers, “he was breaking bottles in the street,” police said.

Police initially arrested Strong for being drunk in public before learning his alleged connection to the residential burglary and vandalism.

“This was a great example of officers using their investigative skills to dig further into this contact, which on its surface looked like they were initially just dealing with an intoxicated subject,” police said. “But by piecing together bits of information, they were able to determine he was in fact responsible for additional crimes.”

Strong was booked into jail on charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and vandalism.

Photo courtesy of the San Mateo Police Department