Redwood City to welcome shared bike and scooter operators

in Community/Infrastructure

Redwood City is set to welcome bike-sharing and scooter-sharing services in the city.

On Monday, City Council expressed approval for city staff plans to develop policies and regulations governing so-called “shared micromobility services.” Such services can provide transportation alternatives for short trips within the city. A recently enacted state law, AB 1286, requires operators to obtain a certain amount of insurance, and requires cities to adopt operation, parking and maintenance rules regarding the operation of shared micromobility devices.

Redwood City plans to develop a system of permit fees to offset city administrative costs. The city also plans to incorporate a number of rules including limits on fleet size, maintenance and safety inspections, and the requirement that operators regularly “rebalance” their fleet to ensure the devices are available citywide and not clustered in high-use areas. Another rule will require that devices are collected from areas where they are not authorized to operate.

Proposed regulations will also require operators to provide “inclusive and equitable services such as multiple payment options
and bilingual user guide and educational programs to ensure the safety of all riders and road users,” the city said.

Photo of bike-sharing in San Jose courtesy of the City of Redwood City